Off the coast of Greece noticed a UFO in disc form

У берегов Греции заметили НЛО в форме диска

The discovery was made using the service Google maps.

A transcript of the “UFO” everyone knows, but does everyone aware of what is “NGO”? About the NGOs (unidentified underwater objects) in recent times actively talking to ordinary people and even the military. Strange objects visible from a bird’s eye view of the seas and oceans, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

Just recently, the user of Google Earth I noticed on the panorama disc-shaped object, which is in Greek the thermaic Gulf. It is noteworthy that three years ago NGOs at the bottom of the pond was not. Therefore, the object is definitely artificial and not natural.

According to some calculations, the diameter of NGOs is equal to seventy meters. Dimensions horosego at a depth of 15 metres of the subject is quite impressive. The object has a perfectly flat shape, which is not typical of the creations of nature. At the location of the plates underwater swimming is prohibited.

Yet no one can explain that I managed to find the user of the service. Perhaps there is a real alien craft.

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