“Offenses”: a filming complicated by COVID

The broadcast of the first and second seasons of TVA Infractions was impacted by COVID-19. And the shooting of the third, which is drawing to a close, was also affected by the pandemic.

After being relayed on the MOI ET CIE channel in the fall of 2018, the first season of Infractions, which focuses on the daily life of lawyers specializing in criminal and penal offenses, made the jump to TVA for the first time. last winter.

However, the television upheavals due to COVID meant that followers of the show could not see the two final episodes. These were added to the second season, currently broadcast on TVA, after its first tour of MOI ET CIE in the fall of 2019. We are therefore not surprised to see people who are not distanced and not masked.

No one is immune

So the result is good news for docu-reality devotees, who have 15 half-hours of ” freaks to eat right now, rather than 13.”

The documentary series follows three teams of seasoned attorneys who help their clients navigate cases of impaired or dangerous driving, public mischief, vandalism, refusal to cooperate, shoplifting, breach of conditions, harassment, concealment, etc. The second year delves into the matter even more by supporting young people from 14 to 18 years old who are facing justice.

“We wanted to make people discover that, in society, regardless of our social class, our environment, our profession, no one is immune from a charge of offense. Anyone can have to get out of hand, get loose in the system, and it's not easy, whether you're rightly or wrongly accused, ”explains producer Catherine Nadeau, from Hyperzoom ( First line: every second account ) regarding the Infractions synopsis.

Causes reported

The pandemic upheavals also interrupted the recordings of the third chapter, which should normally have been on the air now, and which will finally be on the MOI ET CIE schedule in January. This will be “stronger than ever”, laughs Catherine Nadeau, despite the hazards encountered by the production in the circumstances.

The images captured before confinement will be retransmitted as they are to the screen; for those that were to be nested between March and the end of May, it was more complex, because all the causes were postponed. Some trials were also held by video conference, which made it difficult for television.

“But from the beginning of June, a lot of cases happened in court. We filmed a bit indoors, but we were lucky, during our shooting days, that the weather was very nice. We concentrated a lot outside courthouses, which allowed us to have unmasked clients and lawyers, ”says Catherine Nadeau, noting that Infractions deals with cases all over Quebec.

TVA presents Infractions on Thursdays, at 9:30 p.m., just after “TH”.

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