Official: Britain will not participate in elections to the European Parliament

Britain will not participate in European Parliament elections in may, because it will leave the EU on March 29.

Офіційно: Великобританія не буде брати участь у виборах до Європарламенту

This was stated by a Junior Minister for Brexit Martin Callanan, according to Reuters, informs Rus.Media.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Monday that though it seems unlikely, he could not rule out that Britain will take part in European elections as it may request to extend the period of withdrawal from the EU.

But in the British government exclude such a development. “No, because we go out… on March 29,” said Callanan.

To the question, does this mean that the UK will not ask for extension of term exit procedures from the EU to gain more time to negotiate a contract, Callanan said: “the Prime Minister has made it clear that we intend to go on March 29 – that’s what the article says 50, and then, as evidenced by our domestic legislation”.