Officials daycares are reluctant to reopen

Half of childcare services in a family environment could not reopen from the month of may, which would leave many parents in the lurch.

Forty-three percent of the leaders in educational services in family environment surveyed by the Federation in early childhood in Quebec affiliated to the CSQ are undecided about the future of their daycare after the 4th of may.

This is without counting the members who have already taken the decision to close their care (4 %), and those who will place themselves in voluntary isolation (10 %) due to a health problem that would put them at risk of complications as a result of an infection in the COVID-19. Not less than 90 000 children attending daycare shelters.

“It is the concern, it’s like the whole company, reports to the president, Valerie Grenon. We see the number of cases increase, the number of deaths, and for them, it is to return the COVID-19 in their home ! ”

Ratios reduced

According to her, it is in particular the absence of clear guidelines on the level of hygiene that is of concern to the heads of childcare services in a family environment. They fear for their health and that of their loved ones.

“Is it that they will have the necessary equipment ? Because if they want to Purell or gloves, it is they who have to go buy them at the grocery store, the pharmacy, ” insisted Mrs. Grenon, adding that the educators in family environment are also likely to be 60 years and older.

The president of the FIPEQ-CSQ considers that the reopening of child care services should be done gradually, to allow a time smaller ratios in the groups of toddlers. “It is believed the reopening, but we must do it well,” she said.

Subsidized childcare

Side subsidized child care also there is some concerns. Samir Alhamad, of the Association des garderies privées du Québec, deplores the fact that, since the beginning of the crisis, some of its members who run a babysitting emergency and were faced with a case of coronavirus in their establishment have had difficulty in obtaining clear instructions from their directors of public health.

He asks a follow-up faster and tighter. “[During the déconfinement], we are going to have more children. It is likely that there will be more cases. Is what we will be left to ourselves or the public health is going to take his role ? “, he asks.

— With the collaboration of Dominique Lelièvre

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