Officials worried not to be enough protected

Officials in quebec deplore the fact that the government does not put himself under in his departments the measures of social distancing imposed on the population. To their union, the “boots do not follow, unfortunately, not the lips”.

Christian Daigle, president of the Syndicat de la fonction publique du Québec (SFPQ), does not accept that some of its members are not better protected by their employer, or the government itself.

The problem is affecting mostly employees of call centres of departments or agencies, always working to address the concerns of Quebecers. The catch is that the measures of distances are not always established.

“We still have common rooms for dining, there is a lack of spaces between the offices, between the workers, there are issues at the level of the disinfection, such as multiple shifts that overlap. These are things that we have already addressed, but here, we have two weeks of crisis in the past, this is the time that it moves,” insisted Mr. Daigle.

He cites the example of the ministry of Labour, Employment and social Solidarity, where, according to echoes of the employees, the exchange of documents and money with the customer is always done.

“It does not move fast enough in some government departments,” points to the union official.


Every day, when he hears the prime minister recall the guidelines of containment of the population, the president of the union said to have a little thought for its members who find themselves in departments where the situation hangs.

“We are prepared to adapt, to do our part for the collective effort, but there must be a return of the pendulum. And it is the government itself which says that we must be cautious. It is necessary that the boots follow the lips,” asks Mr. Daigle, which indicates that the situation is not a problem everywhere.

“There are places where communication and collaboration are good,” he says, citing in particular the department of Transport or the SAAQ, which have brought rapid changes. “Some other places, we feel that the managers are overwhelmed, overwhelmed by the events. They don’t know how to react”.

In this respect, the SFPQ is also concerned that the channels of communications directly with the head of the government “were closed”.



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