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Photo: Justine Latour
Justine Latour Georgette (106 years) and Berthe (103 years old) Godreau: “We eat yogurt every day, morning and evening. I know ben not if it is that which keeps us alive!”

I must have been seven or eight years old when the fascination of the “good old days” took hold of me to make me dance a square set with the devil. I had the certainty that my grand-father Alban was a formidable storyteller who would die with a scenario to ever gone, between les Filles de Caleb by Arlette Cousture and Babine Fred Pellerin. Every Saturday night, I came back to the charge that he draws the back of his memory, he leaves a gush of memories one at a time, magnified or eroded by the time, a gin and tonic (his r & median) to the hand.


The patrimonieuse practicing that I felt that the story, carried by the oral tradition, was in danger. A story of few words, punctuated by silences, of lumber camps, combines in wet wool, wholesale gin, fingers stiff, of Spanish influenza, of greaves bold and bines fragrant, of survival against the elements. “Life is a fight, my girl “, repeated Alban, born in 1909 in Cap-des-Rosiers and defeated on the battlefield wear on, 96 years later, a little gin & tonic on the lips as a goodbye.


In Africa, it is said that an old man dies, a library burns. For Alban, it was occurring, The sorcerer of the Isle of Anticosti, trente arpents, A man and his sin. Not that he has not read, no, but it could have been one of their own.


I found Alban and all his contemporaries, born at the beginning of the Twentieth century, in the fabulous book of portraits Live to be a hundred years signed and illustrated by the sisters Justine Latour and Marie Noëlle Blais, 32 and 36 years of age, generation Y. They are entichées of their grand-mother, first, and then decided to make about a dozen ancestors who had the tic-tac, rocky and all their head to tell.


Thus, the rebellious Claire Sigouin, who lives alone and still drives his car at 102 years of age, donned the olive oil and lemon every morning and a little tear of brandy to burn off the microbes. The old lady has “spread his bread with the poor” and more often than in its turn, especially during the Great Depression. At the time, we clung to the faith, today it clings to the hope. Both will eventually kill us, mind you.


Still, the life expectancy (hope) is continuously increasing and it is expected that the number of centenarians will triple in the next ten years in Quebec, where the power of gray is needed, from 1757 (2016) 5271. “We found that there was an emergency, to immortalize them, that they leave a trace “, I say the two sisters Latour-Blais, softened and fascinated by the fourth age.


More free than 20 years


This generation of pre-war has found, over the years, a freedom of speech and gesture that was sorely lacking. She no longer fears the priests, lie to doctors and prediction of dementia, has survived to the modes, and appears to have retained a certain innocence the antithesis of cynicism in vogue. “I left the pills in the pharmacy, and I’ve entrusted my health to a bottle of St-Rémy, Claire said. But just a small glass ! “


The sisters Latour-Blais sought the elixir that allows us to live 100 years ; they have found for each character a magic phrase that makes it through the day. “This is a side of soothing, it helps to relativize our huge problems on the scale of a lifetime,” says Marie-Noëlle.


Madeleine Rousseau, 102 years of age at the counter, they said that she was one of the most beautiful period of his life for 20 years, at his residence, in line with a new freedom, the pleasure of living free of worry or stress. This generation has experienced the comfort of late, women have had to fight to get the right to vote, and access to contraception has come too late for them. The men had to provide for the needs of their large families, we thought little of self, much to his neighbour. “If I can give an advice to a young man of 20 years, it is to be generous, not just think about yourself. There’s just that to make them happy, ” stresses Conrad Gilbert, watchmaker, 101-year-old needles of the watch are not yet arrested on the century of individualism.

In the cemetery, there was a lot that I had bought has long passed, with the family. Worse for me, was marked 1916-19– but there’s going to need that they delete it and they put two thousand something, when I’m going to die.
Aldéric Parent, 101 years

Throw his cabbage fat


They had lived through the radical changes of the Twentieth century on the ground of reality, attended all kinds of releases, quiet or not, have seldom visited the school, experienced the war, the hardships, the sacrifice, the new with the old and even the old man with the old, and yet, our time their back is turned, not interested in their contribution.


At a time when scientists predict the end of a world before twilight, they have lived in the doing, in the simplicity involuntary, without ever wasting, using ingenuity to survive in a country of frost. The solidarity was there for a lot. We retroussait the sleeves and we stuck together.


Justine, a photographer, and Marie Noëlle, the bookseller, already have something in common with the old time. They live in family with the boyfriend of Justine, and their son of one year. They hope, as sisters Berthe and Georgette, as Claire and her sister Dawn, and finish their days together, swaying to their common memories.


“For me, it has given me the desire to live up to a hundred years. I can’t wait to be old, ” says Marie-Noëlle, that these meetings have ragaillardie. In the furrows of the wrinkles, in the resilience of the back arched, beyond the stiffness of the body, the wisdom is lurking, confirming the adage : if youth but knew, if old age could…


“It is a living heritage, insists Justine. But they feel as if they did nothing. Nobody listens to them ; they have told us. They were delighted that one is interested in them. Our obsession with productivity, we have neglected. We hope to inspire young people to turn to the previous generations, because we will all be losers. They teach us how to approach life. “


The only regret of these old souls is likely to have been buried alive, 30 years before the time.

He is waiting and he pounced

The album photo Jacques Nadeau 2017 is out this week. I devoured your eyes, page after page, finding there some of the photos from our news stories whole, but also a package of previously unpublished. I loved the explanations of Jacques Nadeau on the time it spends waiting for ” the ” photo, in following his instinct and his eyes of a lynx. A slide show of the magnificent quebec society and of the year that is ending, accompanied by the text of Mélanie Loisel. I have the honour of the preface of the book, but it is as a friend of the author that I would encourage you to go to the meet Saturday from 12 h to 14 h at the Salon du livre de Montréal. Booth 517 at Fides.

Smiled while watching this video of Claire Sigouin us this with his “quickdraw ado” for 102 years, according to the authors of Live for a hundred years. She talks about her friends in life and on Facebook… The two authors will be at the Salon du livre de Montréal for autographs Sunday from 12 h to 13 h at booth 117 (Marchand de feuilles).

Enjoyed the book The whole of life. Live 100 years healthy and happy, a collective of scientists, a doctor and a lawyer, all prefaced by an oncologist, a psychiatrist and a researcher, all-loving holistic health and integrative medicine. This book, made in Quebec is based on an impressive amount of studies that focus on our way of life and prevention. Nutrition, fasting, sports, hygiene, stress, positive emotions, sleep, one is interested in the body in its environment and not in pieces. The chapter of the health check, the book is more conventional and it is not reinventing the wheel (especially on yearly appointments with the doctor and the treatments for diabetes or cancer), but it is upstream that their approach is a little more innovative and get away from the drug industry. When we know that the hope of “healthy” life is ten years less long than the life expectancy short, this book will prove an excellent investment. On the FB page of the book, we give one key per day to live in health throughout the month of November.

Loved the testimony of the caregiver, Jean-Guy Moreau, at TJ by Radio-Canada on the 9th November last. It deals with a lot of self-denial of both of his parents are “placed” in two institutions of different care because of the levels of assessment of 14 profiles for Iso-SMAF. Already, it is what it is, it should scream, and ensure that those who wish to be together. Administrative considerations fastidious do not have their place and this story makes us realize to what extent we have delegated the care of our old State, without regard to the ties of the past and to the observance of a life.

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