Oil the separatists want to secede from Canada. Accused Russia

Нефтяные сепаратисты хотят отделиться от Канады. Обвинят Россию

© REUTERS / Candace ElliottUntil recently, the rampant fashion for all things eco-friendly and insatiable desire of some politicians to promote green economy by increasing the tax burden only led to economic problems and social unrest. Well, like the French movement of the “yellow jackets” or bulk farmers “rallies on tractors” in Germany and Holland. Now the “green madness” begins to threaten the territorial integrity of our Western partners. For example, the canadian branch of a reputable news Agency Bloomberg reports that Canada is seriously intensified separatist movement, demanding secession from the country’s main oil regions.”The oil capital of Canada gets its separatists. Not only the residents of Quebec sometimes imagine that detach from Canada. Since liberal Justin Trudeau was re-elected as Prime Minister of Canada in October, a small but loud group in the oil-rich province of Alberta is working to mobilize the support of the residents of the idea of secession from the country. Separatists complain that the “climate Crusader” Trudeau is working to harm the oil sector, and that the province sends too many taxes to Ottawa, getting too little in return,” he tells BNN Bloomberg.
Do not assume that separatism in the canadian oil regions — is a marginal phenomenon. Actually the problem is much more acute than it might seem at first glance. Survey famous company study of public opinion Ipsos, Alberta (the main oil region of the country) the number of respondents who answered positively to the question “do you feel that your region would be better off if it separated from Canada”, was already 33%. Important is the dynamics of growth of supporters of separatism: in just one year their number increased by eight percent, and if the situation will develop in the same direction and with the same speed, then after a couple of years there is the risk of a secessionist majority. In neighbouring Saskatchewan, the same poll indicates the presence of 27% of voters positive perception of separation from the country.For comparison, known for his separatist sentiments, attempts to secede, and even (in the past) terrorist acts with political overtones, the French-speaking province of Quebec supporters of the Department was 26%.
Separatist movement in Canada has a very clear identity, and this identity is not ethnic, but cultural and ideological. In the country, headed by the Prime Minister, known for his love of various minorities, the open door policy in terms of migration and readiness by all means to stifle the traditional values along with traditional sectors of the canadian economy (such as oil, gas and gold), fans of the canadian version of “cowboy freedom” to live very uncomfortable. Moreover, it is insulting that the taxes on their oil immigrants and the inhabitants of the rich coastal cities, which, on the one hand, vote for Trudeau, and the other — at every opportunity to humiliate the inhabitants of the oil regions. Latest canadian media often portray racists and savages that are only concerned with killing the nature and enhance the climate crisis on the planet. According to the same Ipsos survey, 59% of respondents agree with the statement “Canada is now disengaged stronger than ever.”The British magazine the Economist, concerned about the growth of separatism in a key (and from a formal point of view, wealthier) countries of the collective West, just a couple of weeks ago sent its reporter in Edmonton, the capital of the province of Alberta. The journalist visited the meeting of supporters of secession from Canada and felt the specific atmosphere of the audience that comes to the speech of the leader of the separatists Peter Downing:”On baseball caps for sale, was dealt such slogans as “Make Alberta great again”, “the West wants” (in the sense of “the Western provinces of Canada want to secede”. — Approx. ed.) and “Wexit” (a combination of West and exit, similar to Brexit. — Approx. ed.). On stage, standing in front of upside down canadian flag hanging between hockey sticks, Peter Downing talked about the offense, which attracted an audience: the cancellation of plans for the construction of oil pipelines, subsidies paid to the rest of Canada, and snobbery in relation to Alberta from the Central canadian provinces. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will get what he deserves, promised Mr. Downing. Someone in the back muttered (then we quoted for calls to bad)”.
Regardless of the outcome of the struggle for the independence of Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada (the separatists are now trying to register the party and fight for secession in the political field), we can already make assumptions about who is to blame for the collapse of the canadian state, or, at least, in an attempt to undermine the territorial integrity of the Country of the maple leaf.Candidates for the position of the epicenter of evil and the source of all problems traditionally two: is the Donald trump of Russia. No wonder the caps separatist slogan “let’s Make Alberta great again.” This is an obvious reference to the main pre-election slogan of US President, came to power on a wave of similar resentment of American conservatives and the provincials, weary contempt by the “liberal nerds” from the big coastal cities. On the other hand, Prime Minister Trudeau, that is the main real culprit is an internal fault of the canadian people, in April this year was extremely concerned about the prospect of Russian intervention in the elections.And if the separatist movement will become a true Wexit (similar to the Brexit), the accusations against Russia, which many in the West believe is to blame for the UK’s exit from the European Union, will ask for themselves.
To make excuses is pointless, and if the official Ottawa really starts to make accusations against Russia, then you just need to enjoy the country’s image, which is a beacon of hope for lovers of freedom around the world. And yet it is impossible not to notice that history has an incredible sense of humor. The canadian government has always supported separatist movements within the USSR and in Russia, but now they themselves have to face the problem of separatism, which was created by themselves. Rather, they are inspired by the experience of their Ukrainian players and initiate first political persecution of supporters of the separation of the oil provinces, and in extreme cases, organizing a canadian equivalent of the so-called ATO. The accusations against trump, of Russia, or “wild racists-oil” does not solve the problem of separatism, but to rely on a rational approach from the Trudeau government is now not necessary.Ivan Danilov

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