Oise: ten tigers seized from a trainer accused of ill-treatment

    Oise: ten tigers seized from a trainer accused of ill-treatment

    This Wednesday, the ten felines of the tamer Mario Masson, based in Espaubourg, in the west of the Oise, were seized by the courts. A search requested by the Beauvais prosecutor’s office, as part of a judicial investigation. “We were waiting for the green light to take care of it since August, we finally got it this morning,” explains Muriel Arnal, founder of the One Voice animal rights association.

    “Three tigers had to be anesthetized” because their transport was impossible, regrets the activist. The other seven felines will remain in their trailer cage, the time to be transported to a refuge for wild animals, located in Saint-Martin-la-Plaine (Loire). “They will be supported by the Tonga Terre d’Accueil association,” says Muriel Arnal.

    An open investigation

    This seizure of the tigers marks a new stage in the showdown between Mario Masson and the animal protection association. Last January, One Voice filed a complaint against him for mistreatment and illegal operation of an establishment keeping non-domestic animals. In the process, an investigation was opened.

    In the so-called Les Landrons, located in the commune of Espaubourg, the tigers remained locked in their trailer cage, “without the possibility of frolicking,” said the association, videos in support. For his part, Mario Masson claimed to be in compliance with the legislation.

    Soon in a sanctuary?

    His animals – “all brothers and sisters from different litters, except the breeding male who comes from elsewhere” – were rented for clips, like that of rapper Lacrim, feature films or TV shows.

    While waiting for justice to decide on the merits, the felines will now be kept away from their owner. “We hope to be able to transfer them to individual dens in a sanctuary in Italy, where their journey will end as soon as the legal proceedings are over. Their custody is entrusted to us and as such, we assume all costs, ”adds Muriel Arnal. Contacted, Mario Masson did not wish to answer our questions.

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