SANCTIONS Dimitri Payet was hit in the face by a bottle on November 21

 Incidents OL - OM: One point withdrawn in Lyon, the match will be replayed in camera

OL and OM will replay behind closed doors the match interrupted following a bottle on Dimitri Payet – Adil Benayache/SIPA

The disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League has decided; Wednesday to withdraw a firm point & agrave; the Olympique Lyonnais after the incidents that marked & eacute; the Lyon-Marseille match on November 21, during which OM midfielder Dimitri Payet was featured in the match. touched in the face with a bottle of water.

The match will also be replayed; & agrave; Lyon but & agrave; in camera, & agrave; a date that remains & agrave; to determine, also decided the disciplinary committee.