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Старомодный инсайт

In the era of direct discharges of wire directly from the offices of government even as it is inconvenient to resort to this old method, as the use of human source. Of course, anonymous, but, bitch, informed. In my defense I can only say that while the market “Telegram-channels” of the nation were recording made in the office Zelensky.

I don’t know why this did not happen. Especially considering the mess that’s going on in the office of the President. Some girls from the office cut and bag the jobs in the company “Naftogaz” at a very reasonable price of $300 000 for the seat of Deputy head of the Board. the President’s plane breaks down during the critical trip to Ochakov, where the ex-showman was supposed to meet with Ukrainian naval Armada, cowardly returned to Russia.

So over time must appear “Telegram channel”, specializing in the sink from the Cabinet Zelensky. Until that happens, we have to reconstruct the details of the meeting at the office with the participation of the “immediate circle” of short stories based on anonymous sources. It happened last week, before the scandal with the “servant of the people”, was a pedophile who raped a minor “unnatural way” and served two years. But other reasons for the extraordinary Assembly of the “immediate circle” Zelensky was enough. The parliamentary faction of “servants” out of control. Continuous scandals, mostly on sexual violence, crushing into small groups that brazenly began to impose conditions to the Office of the President on votes on specific bills, almost the failure of land privatization, when a giant barely managed to scrape together the necessary support to the session hall. On the agenda stood one serious question: what to do with this almost unmanageable herd of idiots and perverts? The head Office Andrei Bogdan with the frankness of an invalid brother invited everyone to “bend”. Small, clean digression: Andrew, in my humble opinion, missed your time. He would be in the nineties of the last century to get… He would seamlessly fit into such a situation. Turkish leather jacket, sports pants neatly tucked silk shirt, tsepura massive and bulky Nokia in hand, decorated with a gold bracelet. His manner to “solve problems” is a perfect match to this romantic time. And the look of the current head Office is ideal for the classic man. Bogdan wild looks in a suit.

But it’s the lyrics. Let’s move on to the specifics. Andrew with the active use of profanity vividly described what to do with Ah… ohamevshego “servants of the people”. He listed about five basic postures that you want to have MPs elected to Parliament “it is only by the rating Zelensky”. Particular emphasis was placed on the introduction of not only solid object in various natural holes “servants”, but also an imperative mandate. And for everyone: candidates, and spisochnik. And, of course, a complete ban of all “Telegram-channels” that “undermine the government”. Started CP*h with the active participation of the speaker of Razumkov, who have tasted the delights of power and began to feel slightly reduced copy of Parubiya, but without obvious speech defects. Bogdan blamed the fact that he is a “Telegram-channels”, which Troll of the female journalists, in particular Sonia Koshkin. Razumkov rests on the fact that the fraction of “servants” have reached such a state that simply will not vote for the introduction of the imperative mandate. In response, Bogdan called Razumkov person with low social responsibility, that is, d…om. His party has entrusted to organize a turbo in the Parliament to ensure speedy adoption of the governmental and presidential bills, and instead the speaker turned a faction in the brothel: the whores are calling on bribes palyatsya. The speaker deftly threw the responsibility to the official head of the faction, that is Arakhamia. A man with a strange name and tried to explain that he simply does not have time to plug all holes as ponabirali from the street was crazy. It broke, asked about the presence of a us passport and the amount of bribes received from major players for gambling.

The conversation logically turned to the topic of money. The most liberal and effective model for increasing efficiency, as Happy, and the entire state apparatus — Cabinet, state property Fund, the Antimonopoly Committee and, of course, the President’s Office is a “second salary.” That is the bucks in envelopes. Word again took Bogdan and vividly described that this was done for all presidents. Even the “greedy Poroshenko” and he was underpaid its employees and deputies. Yes, the first attempt to give “servants” envelopes ended not absolutely successfully. First, someone stupidly “chipped” themselves not according to the order, which aroused dissatisfaction among the “servants”, and secondly, the leadership of the faction was so stupid, that are unable to organize the process, and some details of the distribution in the press.

The speaker Razumkov warmly supported the statement made by Bogdan. According to him, the correct, timely and accurate allocation of cache to boost the interest of “servants” in the final product — in the “building a strong, European Ukraine.” Naive objections Zelensky type “so they and normal salary” was greeted with laughter of the audience. He was advised to live on “the salary of the Deputy”, used to describe cases where “servants” offered by “weaving green”. And it is hundred dollars, and one hundred thousand. Here’s how to resist such a temptation? And, most importantly, who will not take? Razumkov agreed to the fact that over a hundred may well sell the Home. Andrey Bogdan agreed with him because Dima has long believed cheap. Prices start start from five to ten “millions”.

Discourse has acquired a constructive nature, as began to count how much money is necessary to “optimize the entire state apparatus”. I will not retell the unnecessary details of the conversation. I will give only total figures: 7 (seven) million dollars per month. The real price of the entire “green” power. With giblets. Under the guts, we mean the General Prosecutor’s office. Naturally, the question arose: where to get the monthly seven “millions” of money? All looked over by a lawyer Kolomoisky. “What are you, b**th, I stared? Benny will not give” — has dispelled all doubts Bogdan. And it’s true. Here is what Igor living on £ 20,000 a week by the decision of the London court, spend the money on a pid***owls of the Cabinet and Parliament? And he believes it is PI***are morons. Ponabirali “sorozat” all structures, and Kolomoisky have to pay for all this Banquet? No, its parliamentarians and representatives of the government Igor is ready to Finance. And finances. But to subscribe to gamble “seven million green on ze team”? Yes, better to let Putin begins another “large-scale ground invasion.”

Discussion the following nominations to the oligarch Victor Pinchuk, is over pretty quickly. Greedy, sitting on the suckling Soros and he steals money. Plus everywhere put their “sixes”, which is diluted gomosyatinu and intrigue. The idea of Rinat Akhmetov everyone liked. Yes, he can. But Bogdan is quite vividly described, as in this case, will go to Igor and what will happen with the anus of the speaker, the President and other high officials. the Conversation stalled. And then played heavenly beauty of music, there was a glow, and clubs decorative smoke appeared “pomaded istota”. At the time, Valery Khoroshkovsky called Julia. Translated as “pomaded creature”. But, you see, “istota” sounds much cooler. Especially for those who know inter. And the whole “Quarter” it knows. They were in the pay of “inter” inter, when “all” had held various high and very grain position — from the head of the SBU and to Minister of economy. Therefore, the appearance of Valery Ivanovich in suit from the best tailors of Monaco did not surprise anyone. “My children, I’ll give you seven million dollars cash”, — said Khoroshkovsky and made an effective pause. “He’s with me, can give much more,” thought Bogdan and nervously straightened that usually corrects Kiva in the session hall. “I can, Andrew, you can,” mentally replied “istota”, holding the pause. “And in return?”, finally rastopilsya Zelensky. And it was the right question. “Istota” I never did anything just. Ask Victoria syumar. Your accommodation in a luxury apartment in Monaco Khoroshkovsky she worked hard for it. Don’t believe in fairy tales about working social lifts. It is not so. You even can’t imagine what you’ve been through not only the Deputy Minister of infrastructure, but also heads of committees of Parliament, members of the government and himself Goncharuk. This is a real sexual hell. BDSM compared to BRDO (Better Regulation Delivery Office, the organization, which gave a start in life for all “coronatum”) — a monastery of some kind.

But I digress. Instead of “istota” asked the head of customs with extended powers. And that’s all. Monthly the cache will be supplied by Bogdan known address. The audience lit up. The proposal was sensible, however, is not so simple. Still, inter — “burp dictatorial past”, “servant of the regime”. All true, but seven million is always seven million. On this high note, the meeting ended. Will there be a decision? You just have to monitor the appointment of the head of customs, and you will get answers to many questions “servants of the people”.Alexander Jablokov

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