Old New Year – January 14, 2019

Old New Year – a continuation of folk traditions.

Старий Новий Рік - 14 січня 2019 року

The tradition to celebrate Old New Year remained in the inheritance from the past of the Julian calendar, informs Rus.Media.

Many wonder why they celebrate the Old New year. This holiday appeared in Ukraine in 1918 after the transition of Tsarist Russia from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian, which at that time all Europe has lived for centuries. Through this, the holidays were postponed for 13 days. So, according to the Julian calendar New year on January 14 and, when in 1918 on the territory of modern Ukraine adopted the Gregorian calendar, New year moved to January 1. Also the change to the Gregorian calendar on the day of the Old New year celebrated Vasiliev day or Christmas eve. It hence came the tradition of celebrating the Old New year.

For centuries, the Old New year it was customary to lay a lush and lavish table, hence the other name of the holiday is a Generous evening. It is believed that the richer the table, the more benefits the owner will receive next year. On the evening of 13 January the girls went home and sherawali. Schedrovalniki wish everyone a happy holiday and wish you wealth, health and prosperity. On the morning of 14 February, begin to walk the boys pasavaldibu. They went to the homes of relatives, neighbors and friends, covering them with grain. Grain of pasavaldibu it was impossible to sweep until sunset. Pocivalsek thanked fruit and other Goodies, later they began to give money, part of which was considered right to sacrifice the Church. It is also thought that the first on January 14 in the home must come the man – then it will be a good harvest, and the cattle healthy, and in the house in order.