Oleg Vinnik: Fotoebi post in a closed group for our team and together we laugh

Олег Винник:  Фотожабы постим в закрытой группе нашего коллектива и вместе смеемся

Oleg Vinnik: “Fotozhaby post in a closed group for our team and together we laugh”
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Oleg Vinnik will not leave listeners Atlas Weekend without “Vucic”. Photo: courtesy of the press service of the artist.

The singer – about speech at the Atlas Weekend, the rock and the reaction on people’s creativity in social networks.

After the Atlas Weekend organizers announced that Oleg Vinnik free will play their hits at this festival, it is scary to think what will happen on this day in Kiev at ENEA. As they say, a chance that happens one in a million. The program Atlas Weekend says July 3, “Mr. happy” will present an exclusive program, consisting mainly of rock ballads and most popular hits (the day entrance to the festival is free). In this regard, social networks are actively discussing the work of Oleg, create the new faces and thinking about, and without. We asked the actor that the audience will hear at the festival and asked how he relates to folk art online.

– Oleg, why did you agree to participate in a free concert?

– My presentation is a tribute to modern Ukrainian culture, the people that make this happens, TV channels, radio stations, mass media, support of Ukrainian artists. In recent years, Ukraine is a major breakthrough in the music industry, on the scene of new bands and performers, there are many high-quality musical material.

Rock and Oleg Vinnik. The Internet has emerged a lot of fotozhab on this. How respond to such people’s creativity and whether they respond at all?

-In social networks are often faced with such creativity. If it is done with irony and sense of humor, we post in a closed group for our team and together we laugh. Some funny, subtle jokes and expressions we use in communication. All evil, stupid and offensive, don’t react and don’t pay attention. Think humor, jokes and photoshopped pics is an art, and talented people are not so much.

– Tell us more details about the program: what rock songs?

– In my repertoire quite a lot of rock ballads, which I often perform in his solo concerts. Those who have been familiar with my work, know these songs. From old songs to sing “Crying icons” of a relatively new – “how to live without you”, which received a Gold Firebird in the category popular hit. And, of course, “Wowcity” – she needs no introduction, millions of people many years listening and singing not only in Ukraine but also in other countries of the world.

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