Olga Freimut admitted as recovered from the loved one permission to return to the “New channel”

My husband was against it.

Ольга Фреймут зізналася, як відвоювала у коханого дозвіл повернутися на "Новий канал"

Last year Olha Freimut announced to fans about leaving the “1+1” and return “New channel”, however, at first received more criticism from fans, they say, took advantage of the fact that the Director of the channel is her husband Vladimir Lokotko, reports Rus.Media.

But as it turned out, it Lokotko was not thrilled with this idea: “When I worked in the “knives” on “1+1”, they called me and said you wanted to invite me to the Director of the school girls. I was almost numb, ask: “are You sure?”Said sure. But since my husband Volodya Director on the New channel, the idea he might not really like. He is very fair and would not want to go through it,” says the star.

According to Olga, and the return of “New channel” was a crazy idea, because at that time she worked on the best channel of the country and had a program in Prime-time, but she dreamed about this job and didn’t want to give up though and realized that her husband might object. The star personally asked the producer to contact the Director of the channel with a proposal to take to the post Olga Freimut.

“Then Volodya came home and asked me: “Olya, you know, it was used for the first role, and it is a cameo role? You don’t want to be episodic?” – says Olga says that said favorite: “Faina Ranevskaya in a small role made his career, so I want to be episodic. Tell him: “I’ll be home, I won’t be driving around with the “Inspector” in Ukraine. You will see how I look. I’ll even children Breakfast to cook. Moreover, it’s not what I ask, and people turned to you”.

He thought, and slowly get used to the idea. So there I was in this position. If I told him directly about this said he would I refused.”

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