Olga Sumy and Vitaly Borysyuk congratulated granddaughter happy anniversary

Ольга Сумская и Виталий Борисюк поздравили внучку с годовщиной

Olga Sumy and Vitaly Borysyuk congratulated granddaughter happy anniversary
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When Vitaly Borisyuk remembers her granddaughter eve, he becomes very romantic. Photo: Oscar Jansons.

The “KP in Ukraine” was visited by the representative of the famous acting family. Vitaly Borisyuk told us about his eldest daughter, granddaughter and employee’s relationship with his son

– Vitaly, your granddaughter Eva 9 Jul turned one year old. How often do you see the baby personally, or just on Skype talking?

– No, they come. Eve is so, we with Olga from her thrilled for us, her appearance is another phase of life, new meanings emerged. I look into her eyes and this condition is unbelievable. This beautiful infancy, alas, very short, I remember Anya, so quickly she began to grow up. Here’s yesterday were young, just yesterday was the first swim, and she’s 16 years old and she got a passport. So that such moments should be savored. Yes, unfortunately, we are in different countries and in different political situations live, but nothing.

– Gift granddaughter?

Clothes, all sorts of toys. Eve is very cool, she is so funny playing with objects. I’ve presented a bunch of cool toys brought from abroad, and she loved to play with a small pillow, nothing special about it no, but this pillow is something she sunk. She with her 40 minutes played.

– Some people want the grandchildren to call them by name. You grandfather or acne?

I want a granddaughter called me acne. And Tonya said, you I do not associate with the concepts of grandparents.

– What is your relationship with his son, by Taninim husband (actor Vladimir Yaglych – approx. ed.)?

– Absolutely normal. Tonya, when I was about to give birth, made everyone worried, I still play them home. He says: “acne as soon as it happened, I’ll call you back”. He’s acting out of our own sphere and we understand perfectly. But we are at a distance, and there is a completely different world from them. He’s a pretty successful actor involved in a huge number of projects. For us the most important thing their harmony, and to avoid quarrels. And so, we are not interfering. We understand that whatever the parents the gold was not, but we have to live separately.

Full version of interview read on kp.ua and in the next issue of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine”.

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