Olha Freimut announced the release of his new show

Ольга Фреймут анонсировала выход своего нового шоу

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Olga Freimut announced the release of his new show. In it she comes to your haters, to talk and to know whether they will be able to say in person what he wrote in social networks. The video with the announcement, the TV star has published on his page in Instagram.

In a short episode of the video shows the situation where the voucher came into the workplace one of the girls to the pharmacy and asked whether it was true that she considers it “finished”.

The premiere show will take place in late summer 2018.

Netizens reacted ambiguously to the announcement of the transfer and wrote what I think about it in the comments.

“I love Freimut, want to come to me! As Santa! But what I hate worse?” — wrote damnvarich.

“Don’t you think it’s cruel to humiliate the people of the whole country? Show about PR at the expense of the haters… Let’s imagine that 50 percent celebrities will begin to hunt for their haters. Maybe it’s better to concentrate on his fans, to learn something, to draw, to do good deeds… And not to arrange dismantling, only to present it with a different sauce…” — spoken by dashulya.tka4ova.

“But nick was right, she still down and out, she came up with the idea to create such a show, so not to take criticism” — he responded to him.

“Why? What are You doing? If you just show to hypenate, then everything is clear-clear, but not fit into the image that You are trying to carry the weight. But if to “to embrace, to give my love and say I love your Hayter” as You once put it on those visits, it is like hypocrisy — that they have not that love, they will hate You. For what You and there was not nice, and now humiliated, coming with the crew and demanding “responsible for the market”. The strange behavior. Incite hatred to his person,” commented changechannel.


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