Olya Polyakova boasted a record number of fans

Оля Полякова похвасталась рекордным количеством поклонников

Well-known artist and Superblondinka Ukrainian scene Olya Polyakova showed the fans a sexy new image. The singer once boasted an unusual outfit and balloons, and fans have appreciated, says Politek.

This time Olga showed his fans a figure, standing before them in a white body swimsuit. On the waist she wore a belt icon social network Instagram, and in the hands of the artist kept a few balls with the number 2 000 000. Apparently, her page has reached a record number of subscribers. She Polyakova noted that a number of fans in social networks inspire her to even greater achievements. She thanked loyal followers.

In response to readers of her posts wrote that it is worthy of attention, as Polyakov is the coolest. Also fans made the singer a lot of compliments. They wrote that she is very attractive and appetizing.

Оля Полякова похвасталась рекордным количеством поклонников

Recall the Accents wrote that the youngest daughter of the famous singer Olga Polyakova Alice was a beauty. Photos of the child actress herself has published on his page in Instagram. The reason for the publication was the birthday girl. The child is very much like my mother. Alice has the same blonde long hair, blue eyes and even face shape of my mom. In the caption to the photo, the artist wrote that the youngest daughter has completely changed her Outlook and views on the education of children because existing knowledge was not working.

Accents also reported that the popular Ukrainian singer, the most controversial member of the beloved show “dancing with the stars” and recently, the actress Olga Polyakova surprised fans with a new image. The most provocative blonde in the country, as well as an extraordinary representative of the Ukrainian show-business, as many think, will never tire from working. Although, there are quite a lot of reasons. For example, despite dizzying success in your career, thirty-five Polyakova also excelled in his personal life.

Recently, focus has published material that the main blonde of the country Olga Polyakova gave an interview to a secular journalist Katya Osadchaya. About this singer said on his page on Instagram, uploading a photo op with the host. All known provocative and personal questions Osadchaya, it has always been famous for her own show “the high life”. The issue is already in the air, so we can watch what was discussed, and what is so important about share Polyakov.

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