Olya Polyakova told about the quarrels in the family

Оля Полякова рассказала о ссорах в семье

So, in an interview with “Caravan of stories” the celebrity confessed that their relations with her husband seething with true passion, even with threats of divorce.

“Often we take divorce or separation as something terrible. My husband and I, of course, have their issues too. We can yell at each other, stating that they would divorce. But for now, it just cries. Still never got around to dividing property. Because as soon as the conversation comes to this subject, he tells me that will leave me and go. And I immediately think, “Well, how can you divorce such a perfect person?” As stated in the famous cartoon: “This cow is needed most”, says Polyakov.

Also, according to him, about the divorce, she even spoke with his daughter Masha:

“Ask her, “If dad’ll get a divorce, how do you feel about that?” And she said, “You know, I understand you. Because everyone should be happy. And if you don’t feel happy, then…” Then of course, she added, “But I don’t think you and dad unhappy”. My children feel everything!” reports viva.ua.

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