Olympic selection pending for Pierre-Luc Poulin

Sélection olympique en suspens pour Pierre-Luc Poulin

In the space of 24 hours, the directives have completely changed for the members of the canadian team at canoe and kayak based in Indian Harbour Beach.

“Last Friday, we had a conference call with the team doctor who told us that we were safer in Florida than anywhere else, told the kayaker Pierre-Luc Poulin that we have attached, on Wednesday, in his car in the State of New York, on his return from Florida. We were told that Melbourne is a small town, with little interaction and few cases of COVID-19. ”

“The next day, we received an emergency call that asked us to pick up our stuff and heading back to the house as soon as possible,” says kayaker from Lac-Beauport. There has been no negotiations and we packed up and left. It was really hard to leave our training camp in an olympic year, not to mention that I knew a camp out together, but it was the decision to make. There is disappointment, but the virus is so much bigger than the sport. ”

National trials deferred

Poulin is in a good position to win his ticket for the Tokyo olympic Games, if the appointment always takes place. It became the anchor point in the K-4 who has qualified for the Games at the last world.

“All the pieces fell into place, he summary. Since 2015, I am the only one still in the K-4. I can lose my job than to earn it. I don’t like to say that this is my boat because there was no captain and that we are all sailors, but it is a very good sign to be there. I proved that I had my place. It will be necessary to win the national trials to confirm everything. ”

Prescribed in Gainesville, Georgia, the national trials, which were scheduled to be held from the 16 to the 19 April, were repulsed, while the continental selection rounds in Brazil, from 7 to 10 may, have been cancelled.

“My olympic selection is not soaring up in smoke, it is just on the ice, has shown he who respects a quarantine since his return to Quebec. We will have an adaptation to make, but everyone is in the same boat. We are not the only ones in the world. The canadian climate does not help us. The team will meet somewhere when the situation will allow. Halifax and Welland are two options. ”

The national trials could take place in June at the olympic basin on île Notre-Dame from 26 to 28 June. This event was initially intended to serve as a selection for the world junior Championship U-23. The canadian Association of canoe-kayak, has not confirmed all of them, but it is a serious option being considered.

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