Olympics-2018 — probably the latter, which is judged not robots

Artificial intelligence is precise, careful, posteriori, does not understand the threats and most importantly do not take bribes.

Олімпіада-2018 — ймовірно, остання, яку судять не роботи

The next summer Olympic games will be held in 2020 in Tokyo, and the organizers revealed some details of the upcoming event. All sports are divided into three categories. Fights — football, Boxing, fencing, etc. — determine the winner in the rivalry between the two. Metric types the winner is determined by the numerical value of: time, race, weight raised weight, throw away. In these two categories the winner is obvious way, reports Rus.Media.

In the third — judicial — the responsibility lies on the judges. In gymnastics or figure skating they analyze the technique of execution elements. The human factor manifests itself for different reasons: the bias towards the origin of the party, mood, absent-mindedness.

Japanese company Fujitsu plans to end the bias of human judgment and developing a system of electronic intelligence based on artificial.

The first discipline in which to apply such a judgement will be gymnastics. The platforms will be equipped with three-dimensional sensors that will collect data and draw “bone” structure execution elements gymnasts.

Before the competition, the judges will prepare a database of reference designs, elements, and artificial intelligence will compare the movements of the Olympians with the records in its database.

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