FOOTBALL Olympique de Marseille goalkeeper Pau Lopez, whose final transfer was formalized last weekend, is a tactical asset in the recovery of his team

OM – LOSC : “ He takes off his goalkeeper jersey for a player's jersey”, Pau Lopez and the new role of the last ramparts

Pau Lopez, beyond his stops, is also an offensive asset for Olympique de Marseille — Nicolas TUCAT/AFP

  • The transfer of goalkeeper Pau Lopez from AS Roma to Olympique de Marseille has been formalized after the 20th game played by the Spaniard in his new club, as planned by the option to buy.
  • Pau Lopez has made a very good start to the season, he is one of the most effective goalkeepers in Europe.
  • Beyond the defensive aspect, the 27-year-old Spaniard is increasingly involved in the offensive phases thanks to his position high on the pitch.

He is changing the minds of almost all his critics. Olympique de Marseille goalkeeper Pau Lopez, whose final transfer from AS Roma has been confirmed. formalized to the end of his 20th match, against Bordeaux, as provided for in the purchase option, made an excellent start to the season. His statistics speak for him, nine games without conceding a goal in 15 games, 82.1 % stoppages which puts him this season ahead of Manuel Neuer, Giuanluigi Donnaruma, Anthony Lopes or Edouard Mendy. Thanks to; its performances, and those of its defenders, Olympique de Marseille is the best fortress in L1, and second in Europe behind Manchester City. But beyond Defensively, Pau Lopez is increasingly essential in building OM’s game.

This is also the reason why he recruited him. Jorge Sampaoli, before starting him as soon as he returned from an injury. the end of August. And s’he couldn’t really be able to admire his qualities on the ball at the foot of the team. his arrival with an approximate average of three clearances in touch per game, he is proving right to his coach.

””What the evolution of modern football requires of the position of goalkeeper”

As in OM’s historic victory against Bordeaux (1-0), last week, when he didn’t hesitate; to move up to midfield to make the first raise. “When you look at Bordeaux pressing, there is none at all. Why bother to raise when you have the field.” That’s exactly what players are told:        Go ahead, you’ve got the field.’ It’s a bit the role of Pau Lopez, and in doing so, he offers a possibility’ moreover by leaving its goal,” analyzes Benoit Tissier, editor-in-chief of the Main opposite site, specializing in on the guard post.

And according to him, Pau Lopez fills the new role of goalkeepers wanted by modern football. /embed]

“If you have possession of the ball, one, two or even three solutions. three or four meters, the risk is assumed; and measured. If you’re not able to secure a three-yard pass when you’re a pro… The risk exists in itself, the players remain human beings. But it’s not assumed only by the goalkeeper, but by the group,” says Benoit Tissier.

N’ Bixente Lizarazu, who remains one of the last critics of the Spanish goalkeeper. “I'm sure Pau Lopez will get caught by the patrol at the end of the day. some time in the season. We will talk about it again,” he judged in T&léfoot. Unlike Pascal Olmeta, disappointed with the ranking of the icon Steve Mandanda at the start of the season, but who knows how to recognize the good performances of the new OM goalkeeper. “He doesn’t make me hard, but you would have to be blind to say that the keeper has nothing to do with it when you’re 2nd or 3rd in the standings,” in his own way.