OM: “The shirt was nice !” We have found this keeper who plays in the colours of Marseille at the end of the Serbia

Vladimir Milosevic, with the jersey of OM, in Serbia. — V. M.

  • Vladimir Milosevic dispute all his games with a jersey of the OM, in the third division Serbian.
  • The whole family was very francophile and his father worked in France.
  • Vladimir Milosevic dream now is to have the tunic to the official Steve Mandanda, his idol.

The Marseillais, to never the first to lift a European cup… Was never the first, also, the swimsuit is worn by a guard of D3 of serbia, during a match of the cup of Serbia. The video of this meeting, unearthed by The Player, is viral for a few days. 20 Minutes was found to be the main protagonist, the guardian Vladimir Milosevic, in his village of
Boljevac, at the end of the Serbia. A “hometown” of the confession even of his father, who was responsible for the translation. After a few galleys speaker
Whatsapp, (” shit of us phone ! “), we had our explanations.

A keeper plays with a jersey of the#OM in the 16th finals of the cup of Serbia ! ? #teamOM

— The Player (@lephoceen) October 11, 2017

“I worked seven years in France, as a welder, in the 1970s. It has a lot of friends there, in Alsace : we are coming back regularly, ” says Djordje Milosevic – accent rough but French perfect. The son has even spent three months on site and played a few matches with the FC Eschbach. At each visit, the same tradition : a passage in Intersport or in the shops Adidas. “We bought lots of shirts… And that of the OM, it was perhaps the most pretty,” laughs the dad, which also stipulates that one of the friends of the family, up there in Alsace, is a big fan of
the OM.

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The shirt a third of Brandao… pending the holding of Mandanda

From there to wear the liquettes in the game, there is only a step, as Vladimir crosses cheerfully : “The shirts that I buy in France are of better quality than the equipment provided by my club, all the sponsors sometimes fail to provide a shirt special for the guardians ! So I took the habit of playing with my shirt. “The captain of the FK Rtanj even the complete equipment of
OM, socks and shorts included, that he wears every Sunday during the championship.

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This weekend, face au Partizan Belgrade, in the Cup of Serbia, it has failed to pose a problem : “The goalkeeper of Partizan was also in blue, the referee has told us that this was not possible,” says Djordje. Vladimir was then pulled out of his gym bag and another shirt of OM, the third of the season 2011/2012, to be very precise. (Remember
Brandao). It has not brought luck to Vladimir Milosevic (3-0 defeat), but it has made the rounds of the Internet.

It is not the uniform of the guards but the shirt 3rd of the season 2011/12, driven in particular by Brandão on the day of his purpose in Milan

— Karim Hameg (@karimhameg) October 11, 2017

As we ask the real questions, in 20 Minutes, we asked him why he was not played squarely with a equipment of guardian of the OM : “Mandanda is my idol, and I wanted to his official attire. But I have not found, the last time I came in France, last August. “We spent a little bit of wire to the OM, this morning (Thursday). And if they pin well, Vladimir Milosevic could have a good surprise in their mailbox in the coming days…

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