Omens and superstitions: what fingers to wear rings

There is a belief regarding wedding rings which experts propose to explore in this article.

Прикмети і забобони: на яких пальцях руки можна носити обручки

It is known that the ring have some power, able to protect the one who wears them. Many of beliefs and superstitions of our ancestors regarding those ornaments have survived to our times, and this knowledge can be used by anyone to attract the life of well-being and to get rid of trouble, informs Rus.Media.

We will tell you what fingers to wear jewelry is not worth using the ability to incur misfortune on yourself or your loved ones. In addition, wedding rings with precious stones and minerals also need to pay special attention, because the energy of the stones can be a great defense, and can hurt the owner if the decoration is mismatched.


Ring on this finger helps to people to curb emotions and to find a common language with other people. Those who are by nature calm and sociable, the ring can hurt and close channels, which are responsible for location and charm.

Index finger

According to accept the ring on the forefinger helps to discover their leadership qualities and overcome shyness. Active and brave people decoration will bring a lot of troubles, because it enhances existing innate qualities, and thus change the character of a person beyond recognition, and not for the better. Usually people with a strong will, putting on the ring on the index finger, become withdrawn, uncommunicative, and they often visit depressive thoughts.

Middle finger

The decoration on this finger helps to overcome difficulties and activate common sense. People who used to rely on knowledge, not on emotion, ring on the middle finger will bring a lot of trouble and will cause errors in the cases. On this finger in mind is to wear rings people enthusiastic, able to be distracted from the main business for the sake of momentary whims.

Ring finger

Rings on this finger should not be worn by unmarried girls and boys who are in search of mutual love. According to the sign, the decorations on these fingers should wear men, and thus to choose the ring fingers for jewelry is not necessary.


Ring on this finger trouble people who work in the areas of medical Affairs, diplomats, business people and those who in any way associated with the art of oratory. Jewelry can have a negative impact on people, pushing them to adventure and exacerbate the negative traits.

Find the jewelry you need with caution, because precious stones and metals capable of storing information about the former owners. This means that to carry on the family decoration can only be those who is a blood relative or preparing to become part of the family. For luck to wear jewelry at the hands of others is fraught with many problems and even diseases.

Esotericism is recommended to choose jewelry heart, because each of them can resonate in the soul and evoke pleasant emotions. New rings don’t have to wear. It is important to hold them in the palm of your hand to feel the energy and “get to know”. Pleasant warmth will indicate that the choice was right.