YOU TESTIFY Our funny place to meet summer series is coming very soon, and we are waiting for your testimonials

Hiking, horseback riding, kayaking… Did you find love on vacation during a nature outing? Tell us!

Love hides everywhere, even on vacation! — Canva

You were out hiking with a group, and you flashed about this woman who came to hike the mountains with her friends. Or maybe you've gone on a kayaking trip with the family, and the instructor has not left you indifferent.

Yes, the summer often changes habits. Just like love! And it can happen that the two intersect, creating unique love stories. For our series at come “ Funny place for a meeting », we can't wait to hear the story of your summer romantic encounter(s) in the great outdoors.

You were on summer vacation. and you found love while hiking in the mountains? Or on a kayak trip, helmet on your head and life jacket on your back? No, it’s more like on the occasion of a hike in horse. Or was it surfing, climbing a volcano, deep in a cave with your caving group? ? Was it love at first sight? immediately? Who addressed the other? The activity did she play in your reconciliation? Did your romantic relationship last? ? Tell us!