On Epiphany near the city man died after swimming

Today, 19 January, sec. Under construction near the city after Jordanian bathing has died 52-the summer man.

 На Водохреща біля Львова чоловік помер після купання

This is reported by the Rus.Media.

Press Secretary Nacpac of Lviv region Svetlana Dobrovolskaya told that it happened around 15:00 at the local pond.

The man dived into the hole, then went ashore, and began to dry off, he became ill and he lost consciousness. Paramedics pronounced him dead.

According to Svetlana Dobrovolskaya, male local resident, 1964 year of birth. His body was sent for examination to establish the cause of death.

In a press-service gschs of Lviv noted that the hole S. Stone was not equipped for swimming, so the rescuers were on duty on the spot.

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