On Facebook live revealed surgery on open brain

На Facebook в прямом эфире показали операцию на открытом мозге

Thousands of people watched the live feed in Facebook open surgery on the brain, held for the woman who remained conscious.

Employees of medical center of Dallas live broadcast on the social network part of the operation on the brain, while 25-year-old patient Chart Jenna (Jenna Gail bucio), was conscious. She had to remove a tangle of blood vessels that affects the ability to speak and convulse.

Chart was impossible to sleep during the operation so doctors could ensure that they do not damage critical brain functions. During the surgery talked to her and showed the pictures to read on the iPad. If she was unable to speak or made a mistake, it gave the surgeons the important information. The girl agreed to the stream, to help other people to agree to such procedures, if they really need it.

Only at the time of the live broadcast seen by about 2,5 thousand people.