On guard: one of the objectives of the SCO, the decision of problems of regional security

PHOTO : “World 24”


In Bishkek the leaders of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) will gather for a meeting of the Council of heads of member States of the organization. The main tasks of the SCO is not only economic cooperation, but also stability and security in the region, as well as the fight against terrorism and extremism, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Igor Naymushin.

They have different marching in the parade, speak different languages: Russians, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis. The exercise “Peace mission” in 2018 arrived soldiers from eight countries. More than three thousand people learned to act as one.

Joint anti-terrorist exercises are held annually. The SCO is not a military Alliance, such as NATO, and no one opposed. However, the stability and security in the region is a priority. This is indicated by the leaders of the SCO countries.

“The SCO does not seek to be an organization that has a military function, it focuses on economic and political cooperation, the joint anti-terrorist actions and joint strengthening our common security”, – says military expert Victor Murakhovsky.

The defense Ministers of the SCO countries are conferring per year. On the agenda including opposition to banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” difficult situation in Afghanistan, which borders several of the SCO member States. Commanders to discuss and conduct the main exercises of the SCO “Peace mission”. Exercise is not directed against third countries. Their task is to exchange experiences in the fight against terrorism and to learn to work together. The leading armies of the world, including Russia and China, have something to show.

“We showed new ways of dealing with Jihad-Mobil, have shown how the destruction of unmanned aerial vehicles,” – said the commander of the Central military district of armed forces of the Russian Federation Alexander Lapin.

“For us it was a great experience. Troops from different countries are interacting with each other,” says the chief of the joint staff of the defence forces of India Dua Satish.

Guidelines for the coming years – continue to hold joint exercises and counter-terrorism operations, as well as the establishment of closer exchange of operational information.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in an exclusive interview of broadcasting company “the WORLD” told about the principles of work of the SCO.