On November 1, the Verkhovna Rada will pay for absenteeism

С 1 ноября депутаты Верховной Рады будут платить за прогулы

From today the Ukrainian Parliament will start to punish for absenteeism. Now members register using the electronic system before the opening of each plenary session by pressing the button “for”. If not let know – the system captures it.

As told by MP from the party “Servant of people” Elena Shulyak, this is very good news. “Parliamentarians should be aware of the extraordinary responsibility of their work and not to miss meetings without good reason”.

She recalled that the greater absenteeism of MP, the lower its charges to the salary. If within one month without good reason, the MP is not involved in more than 30% of votes or more than 50% of the meetings of the Committee, I don’t get paid at all.

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