On pmnoc Cameroon boyoviki vikroli 18 osib

На півночі Камеруну бойовики викрали 18 осіб

Boyoviki Boko Haram vikroli on pmnoc Cameroon 18 civilnog osib.About TSE iz posolennym to be called a few more dzherel besicovich bodies powders Xinhua.

“Terorist attacked be called a few more mscin have Regan was poprobovali products that vikroli 18 colocs th zhinok”, – Pisz Xinhua.

Data currently cameronsino of the army to conduct a special operation, yamaguchis swellnet zarucnicki.

Xinhua Nagato, scho Butorac teroristi Boko Haram drove in this W REGON 4 civilnih. “Respectively to STW of besicovich organ, z 2014 roku about 2 tees Camerons zaginul from the hands of Boko Haram show,” reads materal.

agadoo, scho Mehta “Boko Haram” yea stvorennya in Afric powers, scho sowela used for laws slamu.

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