On Russian roads will be a noise marking

На российских дорогах появится шумовая разметка

Noise the layout is installed on Russian roads in the framework of the national project “Safe and high quality roads”, reports RIA “FAN” with reference to Deputy head of the Federal road Agency (Rosavtodor), Yevgeny Nosov.

As told by the official on the sidelines of the Siberian transport forum, the markup will be applied in test mode on roads where it is impossible to put a barrier or cable limitations. At its intersection the car starts to shake, that will warn the driver from the exit of the oncoming lane.

Marking the beginning of the year have been installed on highways M7 “Volga” in Tatarstan, the R-22 “Caspian sea” between Moscow and Volgograd, in the Ural region on the M5 Urals, in Siberia – on R-258 “Baikal” R-254 “Irtysh”.

“It [setting a noise marking] will be developed in the framework of the schedule of updating the standards, which have been prepared on the basis of decisions taken by the national project “Safe and high quality roads”. The issues of providing ecological and sumbatashvili provides program updates, by years, the program was approved and signed by Deputy Prime Minister,” said Nosov.

A list of roads that will be installed noise, the markup is now in development. Mostly this markup to be equipped with tracks in the southern and North Caucasus Federal districts, where many single-lane roads and switchbacks.