On sale put two motors Ferrari V10 Formula 1

На продажу выставили два мотора Ferrari V10 Formula 1

In order to become the owner of one of the most dominant engines in the history of Formula 1, there are two ways.

The auction house RM Sotheby’s currently holds an online auction which ends on Monday, 2 December, 13:00 Eastern time.

It is notable in that it exhibited a 3.0-liter V10 Tipo 051/B/C.

This is the same type of engine which drives the car of the Formula 1 F2002, with which drivers Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello won 15 times in 17 races during the 2002 season, taking 9 times the pedestal. In addition, this power plant has helped to win in the competition pilots and engineers.

Developed by Paolo Martinelli, the engine develops a power of 835 HP at 17 800 rpm, uses double overhead Cams and is equipped with a lubrication system dry sump. Currently, the biggest price — 18 $ 500.

Experts expect that the rates for the auction for this legendary motor will reach 50-70 thousand dollars.

Oddly enough, the RM auction at Sotheby’s is not the only way to get their hands on the Tipo 051/B/C right now. Another engine offered for sale at the official online store Ferrari 90 thousand dollars.

It is unclear whether he goes with things like velocity stacks, cover timing guides, injector or exhaust manifolds, as in the case above.