On Saturday, July 14, rain with thunderstorms will almost all over the country

В субботу, 14 июля, дожди с грозами пройдут почти по всей стране

On Saturday, July 14, rain with thunderstorms will almost all over the country
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On 14 July, rain and thunderstorms will take place almost throughout the country. Photo: cn.dsns.gov.ua

The West will be a little cooler.

Tomorrow,July 14th, night on the Left Bank and in the Western regions in some places will be a little rain, a day in Ukraine, except the South, showers and thunderstorms. Wind North-Western 3-8 m/s air Temperature in the South and the East at night, 18-23, 29-34 degrees during the day. The rest of the night, 13-18, 23-28 day, in the Western regions (except Transcarpathia) at night, 10-15, 17-22 degrees.

In Kiev and region night without rain, afternoon will be rain and thunderstorm. Wind North-Western 3-8 m/S. the night Temperature of 16-18 during the day around 25 degrees.

According to the observations of weather forecasters, for the last 130 years the warmest day July 14 in the capital was in 1951, then the mercury reached 33.2 degrees. And this the coldest day recorded in 1911 – then the temperature dropped to 8.0 degrees.

Folk omens: July 14 is the commemoration day of the Holy Wonderworkers Cosmas and Damian. The peasants at this time had begun haymaking: “Kuzma and Damian come – for a mowing have gone”. By this time ripened raspberry, the first vegetables. Our ancestors Kuzma and Damian cooked jam made from gooseberries. In former times, noticed a good weather on 14 July promises good weather on 14 November, and if there is bad weather that day, and November 14, do not expect anything good.

As of 9:00 Friday, July 13, the water temperature in the Black and Azov seas were 24-28, in Dnepr near Kiev of 22 degrees.

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