on the paths of the penitents’ path

    on the paths of the penitents’ path

    Les Mées is a special village in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Its particularity: its mountains sculpted in very particular shapes, like a procession of monks. The inhabitants are very attached to this cliff of the penitents which throne on the valley of the Durance. But in the summer of 2019, they believed that the mountain was going to fall on their heads. A rock weighing around a hundred tons came loose and ended its race against the house of Marcel Favre. “When the rock came down, it made the sound of a jet plane passing at low altitudeIt was his piece of heaven.

    All the inhabitants appreciate this corner of the scrubland. Claude Dominici takes tourists on the Sentier des Pénitents in fine weather, a 1.5kg long crest path. “The penitents, when I was a kid, it was inaccessible, and since the day I came, I realized the feeling of serenity, of well-being, of the beauty of the trees that grow there (…) c is magic. “This very particular landscape is a geological curiosity which shelters an entire ecosystem.

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