On the roads of the Republic of Bashkortostan will set 232 camera

На дорогах Башкортостана установят 232 камеры

On the roads of Bashkortostan will appear 232 surveillance cameras by cctv Melbourne. They will be installed at the expense of means of the Republican budget reported .

While security cameras is only 16% of the required number. Basically, they photograph motorists who exceed the speed limit.

The state traffic Inspectorate of the Republic proposes to add the camera new features: for example, locking-in for a stop-line, travel into the oncoming lane and ignoring a red traffic signal.

“This is planned work, we are interested in the wrong lane and against the traffic lights. And, say, the public transport lane and stop-line, so to speak, so the camera was equipped with modern ideas, not only the speed limit,” – said the head of the STSI of the MIA for the Republic of Bashkortostan Dinar Gilmutdinov.

We will remind, the project “Safe and quality roads” involves the fixation and reduction of congestion, reducing the number of places of concentration of road accidents and deaths in accidents. It is designed for the next five years.