On the trail of customers Sheremet

По следу заказчиков Шеремета

Politicians and the media as conspiracy: “the Police said nothing about the customer”, “Without the voice of the customer name of the investigation doesn’t sound right… Skepticism – it is correct. No last names. And not even a hint. But at the briefing the police quite clearly open the door to the track by clicking on which to end, quite sure you can go to the circle of persons, among which is the customer. Anyway, see “a hint” at least his shadow.

Of the whole array is published on the briefing information in the most interesting episode talks Julia Kuzmenko (Fox) with some kind of “citizen T. Bob. According to investigators, Yulia Kuzmenko, acting in tandem with the “Aryan” Andrei Antonenko, booby-trapped car explosion which 20 Jul 2016 killed Pavel Sheremet. Kuzmenko – pediatric surgeon, a volunteer organization “Euromaidan-SOS”, she is forty years old, a native of Gorlovka. Over the last four years its well-being, as specifically pointed out by the police has increased: Kuzmenko got a home and luxury cars.

По следу заказчиков Шеремета

The arrest of Yulia Kuzmenko, suspect investigation in the murder of Pavel Sheremet

Thus, Kuzmenko, the contractor, the killer. Bob talks to her like a customer or as the customer’s representative of a new crime aimed at undermining the chairs Zelensky.

“Citizen Bob T.: “We need, first, a good psychiatrist, and secondly, a good Director and, thirdly, good character. The psychiatrist, to understand (referring to the psychologist understand) how they (the crowd) to influence, directed to be able to create such a picture, which is Ah…t all TV, because these people live TV. And third, we need a hero – victim. And considering that the characters we were different… We need a hero. Because pop “Servant of the people” to outdo or gay, or a priest, or a woman…”

Pregovorite discuss what the volunteer Marousi St. John’s Wort, which recently shared his thoughts about the murder Zelensky with one of deputatok two children that they can “steal”.

“Citizen Bob T.: “We need a sacrifice that has to save the whole of Ukraine. We need some woman was the occasion. The men did not channel. We need a Joan of arc.”

Julia Kuzmenko agrees: “Marusya, of course, most on this subject fits… She is able to speak. She has a good track record…”

“Citizen Bob T.: “Marusya optimally, Yes… For it will stand all the women who fought objectively”.

Kuzmenko: “Well, Baba, and, in principle, and the boys will stand, it does not matter”.

From this fragment it is clear that we are talking about the organization of crime the circle of persons which advocates the continuation of the war to the last Ukrainian, as well as for the concealment of the Maidan and war crimes. Thus, customers of the planned crimes tied to the volunteer of the Mary, are the “party of war”, which is not surprising. Here the most prominent figures are Poroshenko, Parubiy, Turchynov, Avakov and Pashinsky.

They are closely related to “volunteers” and “volunteers”. Poroshenko, for example, in 2017 praised the song Antonenko “priyshov Quietly, quietly psow”. He called it “a hymn to the special operations Forces” is the song of the saboteurs–terrorists, killing Donbass. It is noteworthy that in the video, shot on state money, the guitar Antonenko see the skull, as usual the Aryans – the same “print” on the jacket by the night of the bomb under the car Sheremet. Have a video with hundreds of thousands of views. The symbolism that was seen by many. But somehow over the years the investigation noticed a strange match. And suddenly noticed.

По следу заказчиков Шеремета

Suspect in the murder of Pavel Sheremet Nazi Antonenko in the court room

Must not have been previously known and nurse Jan Dugar, on the eve of the explosion photographed street cameras, and got this video. She, as it turned out, a well-known personality in the volunteer environment. It can identify very quickly, and when studying the circle of acquaintances quickly would reveal, and the murder itself Sheremet. But this did not happen.

It seems that it is the conversation Bob Fox was the impetus for the detention of the defendants in the case of Sheremet and urgent briefing on 12 December. The generals of the interior Ministry has released details of the murder of the journalist after the next square without the noise melted away, and “active volunteers” began to consider the sacrifice of the Marusya St. John’s Wort for rocking the new protest. Zelensky reported – and it made an impression on him. Immediately after the Paris summit. Someone will say that happened. Possible. But the coincidence is significant.

The Minister decided not to wait and ordered to disclose some information in the murder of Pavel Sheremet, despite the fact that the perpetrators of the murder – “heroes and volunteers”, and in the investigation there are obvious white spots. Anyway, talking about customers, the police did not, and announced a strange version: is the “Aryan” was invented, organised and carried out the murder of Pavel Sheremet, wishing to destabilize the situation in the state. Say, Antonenko, “inspired by the ultra-nationalist ideas, cultivating the greatness of the Aryan race, the division of society on the basis of national origin, in an effort to make their views to the attention of the public,” created a group for the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet from persons who had “analogichnye with him the views and intentions.” “Nazi” version sounds good and should appeal abroad, even if those Nazis, yesterday called heroes. In addition, she leads the Western attention from the Nazis “Azov” lurked in the structure of the interior Ministry.

…Pavel Sheremet, in a sense, is the heir Georgy Gongadze: and in your personal life, and in the edition “Ukrainian truth”. The one who knew that electing Sheremet on the role of the victim clearly wanted to immediately confuse the issue, diverting attention to the similarity of life and activities of the victims. Now it’s clear that Gongadze was appointed to the role of the sacred victim by the West to destabilize the regime of Kuchma. The murder that became the first step on the road to the “orange Maidan”. However, the West, which was extremely interested in destabilizing the Ukraine in 2000, by 2015, have already received all that was at that time possible: the war in the East and controlled by the regime in Kiev. For the American and European curators Ukraine another bloody scandal in Kiev was undesirable.

Common Sheremet Gongadze was that both were not ethnic Ukrainians. The first sacral victims in the Ukraine were from the category “revolutionaries who do not mind”. In 2000 Gongadze, in January 2014 Armenian Nigoyan and Belarusian Zhiznevsky. The fact of “meticulosity” Paul could be important for the performers of Ukrainian nationalists, which was taken into account by the customer.

The public a few years very few knew what was going on with the case Sheremet. In 2018, close to Sheremet even went to court because of the inaction of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, trying to transfer the case from the interior Ministry, the SBU. It seemed that the interior Ministry it was frozen forever.

Wonder what those years said Avakov?

In February 2017 at a briefing on the case of Pavel Sheremet reported to it (and I want to use the verb “rubbed”): “the monitoring of telephone connections in the area of the crime scene in between, close to the time of its Commission, recorded 1193 connection with Russian customers.” According to him, thousands of people (!) on the morning of 20 July 2016 was calling from the Kiev crossroads in Russia. Avakov tried to convince me that the order Sheremet allegedly received from the Russian Federation: “Connections mobile phones… recorded near places of residence and work of Pavel Sheremet, a few days before the crime and on the morning of 20 July in the area of the explosion.” And then, after the explosion, all connections are stopped, connections “has been localized and is gone”. But Avakov openly lied. Why? The purpose of the lies – misinformation. So in December 2019 neither the briefing nor the Schuster it and not remembered “1193 connection with the Russian subscribers” at the crime scene.

Remarkable power was then thrown on searches of the “Russian trace”, to identify the “hand of the Kremlin”. But one thing is propaganda, the other when politicians and professionals become victims of the propaganda of the regime. Investigators spent a lot of time on the links, on the theme “Russian trace” in different fields. For example, they persistently developed the “channel 17” journalists who happened to be on the site of the explosion in the center of Kiev, performing another editorial job. Sought recognition that “the curators of the Russian Federation” have informed in advance about the place and time of the blast.

And the acting head of the National police, Vadym Troyan in the tone of the boss then said Sheremet could kill “fanatics who could come in and from the occupied territories, or anywhere”. He fantasized: “for example, They might perceive Sheremet as a traitor. It may be some kind of personal vendetta…” it is Noteworthy that bi-Bi-si in 2017 suddenly threw: “Shortly after the murder of a journalist in some Ukrainian mass media appeared information that allegedly initiated covert surveillance Sheremet was just a Trojan”.

And even earlier, in 2016, the head of the National police Khatia Dekanoidze, appointed against the will of the interior Minister Arsen Avakov, said on his personal interest in the murder: “it is a matter of honor…” But this statement turned out to be empty words – soon she unexpectedly left the post. To the satisfaction of the Minister, because she was not “his man.” Latent conflict has not been exhausted following the dismissal Dekanoidze, when it was replaced by “man Avakov” – azovets Trojan. By the way, before leaving, she referred to the “tradition of intervention in the work of police politicians.” It is likely that it was the “Affairs of honour” murder case Sheremeta that the former head of national police is simply not allowed to investigate. Question: who exactly gave?

In 2019, answering a question about the organizers Schuster, Avakov said: “I Have, like you, as well as the investigation, there is a certain feeling that there are people who are still behind the scenes outside of the scheme of our charges, which were the initiators or co-initiators of this crime”. Why “suspect” indicated “Nazi version”, but nothing about “unidentified persons”? Moreover, Avakov says, they say, “in conversation our suspects have multiple pages of conversations, where they appeal to his patron, who must get them out and protect”. A few pages! It’s the sensation. Then there are the customer, if there is a patron Saint? Or the customer is not equal to the patron Saint of murderers? But the Minister not only decrypts said, but does not say directly that the customer is still there.

But not without cleverness, he takes the arrows for a rival office in the SBU. Reports about the disappearance of videos from four cameras: from the records with two hundred cameras four mysteriously disappeared during the investigation. Avakov is indignant: “Who is finally covered these people during the investigation, where are the recording from four cameras, which the police are unable to access?” And then hints at SBU, they say, we it with the “colleagues” collected videos, and then “we were told “we gave you before, it is strange that you do not have them, probably, there was nothing on the recording””.

Of involvement in the murder Sheremet poroshenkovskogo SBU writes and lawyer Andriy Portnov: “SBU from July 2015 to June 2019 seized servers, video cameras in the area of the explosion journalist Pavel Sheremet and formatted them. Later they were returned to the owners already completely erased, and some were replaced with new. In addition, the investigation has evidence of cooperation and official intelligence work in the Department “T” of the SBU detained three suspects in the murder of the journalist”.

Note that “Russian trace” is forgotten completely. Surely now the strings are drawn to the security Service of Ukraine, which was led by “people of Poroshenko.”

It’s hard to say what the purpose of the Minister Avakov. If he plays ahead of the curve, removing suspicion from his office and his people or do intend to settle with Poroshenko and his people’s repeated attempts to remove him from power, to force them to leave the post of Minister, tripped on the way to the political peaks (the fact that the interior Minister has great ambitions, you can’t deny)? A weak President Zelensky, do not have their own people in the interior Ministry Avakov convenient to jump, and patrons killing Sheremet in the face of people Poroshenko, the SBU, or the former President himself decides for the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine many important issues. And revenge, and Esprit de corps, and moving up to the coveted Olympus.

Let’s see what will happen next…
Taras Boychuk

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