On the Ukrainian roads will be a noise marking

The government wants to improve road safety.

На українських дорогах з&#039явиться шумова розмітка

Ukrainian tracks you want to equip stun strips to improve traffic safety and reducing road accidents. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine Lev Partskhaladze, reports Rus.Media.

“If the person is long behind the wheel and starts to fall asleep, such noise bands can save lives. Therefore, when updating state building codes on public roads, we have described the feasibility of such lanes on major routes – roads of I-II categories”, – said the official.

He also noted that such noise partitioning is used in the US and the EU, and is required when designing new roads. It is possible to significantly reduce the level of accidents on the roads.

The Ministry of regional development said that such noise bands are an artificial roughness, which, depending on the destination are equipped along or across the road.

“When hitting the noise pegging the driver of the car starts to feel vibration and noise, thereby increasing attention on the road while driving”, – the Ministry informed.

Leo Partskhaladze said that the noise marking is preservado, that is, builders will cut asphalt coating small cavities. It is cheaper than road marking with special paint.

The cost of the work the Ministry did not elaborate, but according to the price of private companies, which spetsializiruyutsya on this, the application of a special rattle paint costs around 700 UAH per 1 sq. m, which is almost ten times more expensive than conventional road markings – 76 UAH/sq. m. As is known, the total length of roads in Ukraine is about 174 thousand km, of which slightly more than 20 thousand km – roads of I-II categories, which are going to apply this markup.

Recall that in 2018 on highways were more than 150 thousand road accident in which injured 30844 persons were killed and 3350.