On Wall Street, the worst quarter since 1987 for the Dow Jones

À Wall Street, le pire trimestre depuis 1987 pour le Dow Jones

The New York stock Exchange ended in the red Tuesday, the worst quarter since 1987 for the Dow Jones and since 2008 for the S&P 500, while the pandemic of sars coronavirus continues to haunt the investors.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has yielded 1.84 percent to finish at 21.917,16 points, which represents a decrease of 13.7 % on the month and by 23% since the beginning of the year.

The expanded index S&P 500, which represents 500 largest companies of Wall Street, was down 1.60 % on Tuesday, to close at 2.584,69 points. It appears as well in decrease of 12.5 % in march to 20 % since the start of 2020.

The Nasdaq, in high coloring technology, has fallen on Tuesday from 0.95 % to 7.700,10 points. Its decline, of 10 % on the month, 14 % on the quarter, is less pronounced.

The indices had started the session in the green before hesitating, and then plunging in as and the approach of the closing.

For Karl Haeling of LBBW, no new specific not justified a priori, this evolution in the teeth of the saw, if this is not what investors may have expected adjustments to portfolios that are more marked at the end of the quarter.

“The trend is likely to be dominated in the coming days by the estimates on the duration of the pandemic,” he says. “We will, it seems, to see the economy resume its full activity after two weeks at a substantial reduction of new cases. All this is subject to interpretation, ” notes Mr. Haeling.

This seems to be little doubt, however, in the eyes of investors, it is the fact that the us economy is in a recession. The question is to what extent the actions taken by the government and the central bank will allow to mitigate the effects and limit the duration.

In the world, more than 3.6 billion people, or 46.5% of the population, are referred to or constrained by their authorities to be confined to the home, according to a count by the AFP.

More than 820 000 cases of infection were diagnosed in 185 countries and territories since the emergence of the virus in December in China, and the disease has made more than 40 000 deaths.

Positive signs, however, China has made a recovery unexpected activity in the manufacturing and services sectors in march, and oil prices have stabilized after having reached Monday, their lowest level since the age of 18 “.

On the bond market, the rate on 10-year u.s. debt fell slightly, and were 0,663 % against 0,726 % on Monday to the closing.

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