On what grounds can understand that marital happiness is short-lived?

The reasons why marriages fail.

За якими ознаками можна зрозуміти, що сімейне щастя недовговічне?

Unfortunately, statistics of divorces in our country are not happy: in 10 marriages account for 7 – 8 divorces. Why is this happening? The reasons may be different, but experts have identified which “alarm bells” it is possible to determine that the Union would soon disintegrate. The most common are the following, informs Rus.Media.

Reasons for family break

1. Young age at marriage

So, psychologists have determined that early marriages are falling apart faster than those in which people come into a more conscious age. This is due to the boyish young lovers, their unwillingness to compromise and hormonal surges.

2. Underemployment husband at work

What would be ridiculous, this reason it would seem at first glance, but underemployment of the husband is negatively affecting the relationship as a couple. The causes of conflict and further divorced become financial and personal issues when a man earns enough and does not want to share household tasks when you have free time.

3. Lack of education

Surprisingly, the lack of higher education affects family relationships. The stumbling block in this situation is low incomes and lack of wisdom of the spouses.

4. Disrespect of husband (wife)

За якими ознаками можна зрозуміти, що сімейне щастя недовговічне?

Psychologists have identified four main reasons that lead to divorce is contempt, criticism, sacrifice, and blocking calls. All of these behaviors destroy relationships and inflict on them a speedy break.

5. A violent passion

If the relationship and family starts very passionately and sensually, then after a few years of marriage the flame of love dies down. To maintain the level of activity is practically not possible, so the partners lose interest in each other. And moderate emotionality in early life together, over time, strengthens the mutual attraction of the spouses. Such marriages are more long lasting.

6. The stress and emotional burden

Trouble at work, difficulties in career or business, failure, and stress is bad for “weather in the house” and the relationship between the spouses. If you pour all the negativity on your partner, then at some point he will not stand and you slam the door.

7. Avoidance of conflict and concealment of problems

When there’s conflict, and one spouse tries to explain to dot the “and” in a difficult situation, and the second avoids conversation and clarify the relationship, then it’s a red flag in your marriage. Couples with unresolved conflicts and grievances often a long break, and not understanding the true causes of the quarrels and insults partner.