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An adaptation of modest but devilishly effective, and not devoid of poetry from the tale of Honoré Beaugrand.

It speaks to the devil !


What could be better than an old legend inspired by myths of native americans in time for the Holidays ? A fantasy drama by Jean-Philippe Duval (Dédé through the mists) it was written by Guillaume Vigneault (Everything is perfect, Jean-Christian Duval), Chasse-galerie, the legend takes us back to the Nineteenth century, where love of a lumberjack unhappy(Francis Ducharme) and a mercière damned (Caroline Dhavernas) are compromised by an abandoned lover (Vincent-Guillaume Otis), hung around at the Devil (François Papineau). To delight the heart of his beautiful, the first will lead his companions in a hunting-gallery at the peril of their lives. An adaptation of modest but devilishly effective, and not devoid of poetry from the tale of Honoré Beaugrand.

Chasse-galerie, the legend
Radio-Canada, Thursday, 20 h

Back to the future


Photo: Artv
The faithful will find their heroine returned to the Twentieth century.

The broadcast of the third season of the adventures of Claire Randall, the nurse, the English traveller in Scotland in the Eighteenth century, ended with our neighbours to the South there are just two weeks, and lo and behold, the French version hits the airwaves, Artv and that several episodes are available in the Extra tou.tv. The faithful will find their heroine, returned to the Twentieth century, more precisely in 1948, separated from her lover scottish whose fate remains uncertain in its early days.

Outlander. The thistle and the tartan, season 3
Artv, Wednesday, 21 h, and the Extra tou.tv

When Bean is taken to Maigret


After Blackadder, Mr. Bean and Johnny English, Rowan Atkinson walking in the footsteps of Jean Gabin in lending its traits to the famous character of the prolific novelist Georges Simenon, Jules Maigret. Funny choice, isn’t it ? And yet, we got on the boat, even if it doesn’t break the bank ! In Maigret tightens a trap Ashley Pierce, the inspector seeks to put the hand in the collar of a serial killer who is taking on the brunettes large size in the Montmartre district, while in Maigret and the death of Jon East, he receives a phone call from a man claiming to be chased in the streets of Paris. A classic style, very respectful of the work of Simenon, of an old-world charm, the whole is above all that we pay attention to the pleasure of discovering the likeable british actor, in a register dramatic.

Maigret tightens a trap and Maigret and his death
Artv, 23 and 30 December, 21 h

Midnight, Christian

After saying the mass during each Friday last summer, it was inevitable that Christian Bégin offers to its flock, its version of the midnight mass. With his faithful choir, the host, will receive the actress Guylaine Tremblay, the storyteller Fred Pellerin, comedian Lise Dion, the columnist Raed Hammoud and the singer Lara Fabian.

There’s a world to Christmas mass
Télé-Québec, Sunday, 22 pm, rebroadcast on Monday, 20 h

The streaming of the week


Photo: Radio-Canada
“Letting go”

In order to escape the frenzy of the Holidays, get ahead on your favorite shows thanks to Tou.tv Extra. Get the replicas assassins of Valerie (Sophie Cadieux) and his mother, Madeleine (Sylvie Léonard), in the first six episodes of the hilarious second season of Letting go, even as the vile Séraphin Poudrier (Vincent Leclerc), the impetuous Donalda (Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse) and the ambitious curé Labelle (Antoine Bertrand) in the first three episodes of the third season of the western burlesque The up-country. You should expect quite a shock at the end of the third episode !

The countries at the top and Let go
Tou.tv Extra

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