On Zoom, the commemorations of the “day of the Shoah” hacked by “anti-semitic”

Sur Zoom, des commémorations du « jour de la Shoah » piratées par des « antisémites »

The commemorations of the “day of the Shoah” on the platform of video conferencing Zoom have been hacked by elements of “anti-semites” who interrupted the speech of the survivors of nazism by images of Hitler or of paedophilia, a-t we learned Tuesday from the participants.

Containment measures related to the Covid-19 have forced the israeli authorities and a number of organizations to hold gatherings virtual for Yom Hashoah, the official day of remembrance of the genocide of six million jews by nazi Germany, held from sundown Monday to nightfall on Tuesday.

Many survivors have testified about the Zoom but some of these online conferences have been pirated.

In Israel, the survivor Miriam Gross, the age of 91, told about his life in the hell of the nazi sixty people when the session has been “hacked” by a participant that has placed images of child pornography to the group, according to witnesses.

“Someone did a screen sharing with images so violent pedophilia “, told AFP Gabriel Abensour, one of the organizers. “It is I who managed the session and I took a few seconds before realizing what was happening, and I finished after one minute per cut. ”

He then recalled the survivor of the Shoah, who lives alone in Jerusalem and decided to resume his testimony. “We reconnected and we continued but it is all left a bit traumatized because it was just very violent. I think it was intentional, that it was ” anti-semitic, he added.

“I was telling my childhood from 1939 to 1945 and all of a sudden there was a video horrible. I couldn’t believe it. It was terrible, ” says the AFP Myriam Gross.

The organisers said they had filed a complaint with the israeli police, Zoom, and France, with the platform Pharos, which tracks the content that are racist and hateful online.

The ambassador of Israel in Germany has reported the diversion of a meeting on Zoom with another survivor, Zvi Herschel. “Anti-israeli activists have disrupted the session by posting images of Hitler and chanting anti-semitic slogans,” said Jeremy Issacharoff on Twitter. “The event had to be suspended. ”

In its annual report released Monday, the Center Kantor of the University of Tel Aviv has reported an increase of 18% in 2019 of the violent acts of anti-semitic in the world with 456 cases reported.

The researchers say they have found the emergence of “expressions of anti-semitic-related coronavirus “in circles” primarily ” of “far-right” christians ultraconservateurs “, “islamists” and “to a lesser extent” of the ” extreme-left “.

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