Once the bottom of the nation

Очередное дно нации

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in the oval office of the White house knocked a molar from CIA Director Gina had Haspel. The fight occurred because of a conflict on the appointment of Deputy head of the Central intelligence Agency. Even given the peculiar nature of Donald trump, nobody in such nonsense do not believe it. But here’s Ukrainian news: the head of the Office of the President Andrey Bogdan got into a fight in the office Zelensky Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine Ivan Baranovym. Bogdan knocked-out teeth. The representatives of top echelon European authorities quarrel over appointment of new Deputy heads of the SBU. Andrey Bogdan, working on the oligarch Kolomoisky, was against the growing influence Kolomoisky Service. Nonsense? Wait to draw conclusions.

We have this news that started to circulate a journalist working on ex-security Council Secretary Alexander Turchinov and interior Minister Arsen Avakov discussed at all “analytical platforms”. Immediately there were “reputable journalists”, in particular bald Gordon, some Sonya Koshkina, who swore his teeth in the identity of the insider about the fight Bakanova with Bogdan. Even when Facebook head of the Office of the President has appeared the grinning face of the hero of the fight with denial, almost no one believed him. And you know what he wrote Bogdan? “Bakanov, more does not get in my way, I drink all blood, and you’ll be the cats tails twist”. I repeat: it says the head of the presidential office addressed to the Chairman of the SBU. And the photo of Bogdan face makeup characteristic of the celebration of typical Ukrainian holiday — Halloween. We are in their rapid degradation to quickly and efficiently punctured the bottom. Do not be surprised if the fight really was. Not only between Bakievym and Bogdan, and between Zelensky and Kolomoisky. And the former comedian is trying to increase the influence of the oligarch on macroeconomic processes in Ukraine.

Main sex maniac Happy

We may any, even the most incredible from the point of view of the basic common sense development. The head of the parliamentary Committee on foreign Affairs and inter-parliamentary cooperation Bohdan Yaremenko directly in the session hall agreed with hooker about anal sex. Fake? And from the same category as the fight with the chief of the security services of the country? One hundred percent true. Not a drop of fiction. The MP representing the fraction Zelensky “servant of the people” for a minimum of two weeks conducted an active correspondence with muddled. Photographers filmed from the press box of the Glad screen of his messenger. Girl Alina said to the chief for NATO membership in the Parliament that “anal sex taboo”. However, there is good news: “one hour costs $ 100, half to 150”. Discount about Halloween. The guy 48 years old, weight over a hundred pounds, had grown all over like a Yeti living in the Himalayas, and what a sexual giant! You can also check the website for more information.

But the main thing else. Yaremenko was so stupid that he himself “zastarel” to standing, which even idiocy is hard to call. He went on the offensive against journalists and said version which is suitable for the situation, “honey, that’s not what you think.” It turns out that after consulting with his friends, Yaremenko decided to do a prank. It is specifically corresponded with the b…s to provoke journalists and to demonstrate to all that to spy on people’s choices is immoral. The result was a continuation of the sexual Thriller in the Parliament. The network was laid out correspondence Yaremenko with other women of similar content. One asked the Deputy to “borrow” 10,000 dollars for the purchase of apartments, the other said code and the main floor, three spoke about their work, the fourth… “Control shot” in a completely empty head, of the head of Committee of Parliament on foreign policy did the wag with the nickname “Joker”. You can easily read the whole article from internet.

He was in correspondence with our sexual maniac… on behalf of the attorney-General Ruslan of Ryaboshapka. Yaremenko sadly confessed that “set up first” (Zelensky), and in a burst of revelation admitted that the prankster-“Prosecutor”, “I mu…to”. False Ryaboshapka advised the maniac immediately in front of everyone to apologize on Facebook and delete your previous post in which Bogdan talks about “special provocation”. And Yaremenko do the “t” your post about the prank and apologized to the family, deputies, Zelensky, Ukraine. He has two children.

Even an idiot after such a scandal would lie on the bottom. But our sexual giant, of course, didn’t even realize the extent of the pit, which failed. He began to bargain for his job, accusing the leadership of the faction “servant of the people” the pressure! I can’t believe it is really possible to be so stupid. His overgrown face emblazoned on the front pages of the American and European press, the network is full of photoshopped pics on the subject of anal Yaremenko. Know who gives the most striking comments about the removal of prostitutes on the job? The representative of “the Opposition platform” Ilya Kiva. It is a real animal with primitive instincts. Participant in several sex scandals. First posted on Facebook a photo on a background of naked female ass in a pink Thong. Then said his account was hacked “Kremlin hackers.” Then “racked” in the hall of Parliament. Yes, you understood correctly. Talked to some of Odessa blonde, and, apparently, it swept some memories. Unable to score in the “u-tube” “Kiva Masturbates in Parliament”. But amid Yaremenko Ilya looks like an angel. He’s not married, no one buys the network, with disarming simplicity honestly meets its natural needs, and even sympathetic! So its loud statements about “green pid…owls and pedophiles” are perceived very organically. Yes, he confuses certain types of sexual orientations, but it is forgivable. By the way, one of the “green” deputies lit up in correspondence with a certain friend, who frankly wrote: “the Tr…th at the meeting itself will not give.” Think about what he had in mind…

Kalinowska dovecot

Understand that my review of the latest trends in modern Ukrainian politics resembles the column of the chronicle of sexual perversion on some specialized porn site. However, this is the outline of events in “the European sovereign powers.” Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk is gay. Furthermore, pestering the staff of the Cabinet to persuade him to continue the relationship informally. The news was actively discussed in the beginning of October with the filing of Igor Mosiychuk. A former member of the parliamentary faction of the official gay Oleg Lyashko. Damn it! I do write about the clashes between sexual minorities! At first did not want, as once it was. But everything quickly. Especially after the head of the Committee on foreign relations systematically arranged for intimate services. Even in the presence of a delegation of NATO.

Mosiychuk was giving interviews left and right about this. They say, we are talking about the son of his good friends, who is in shock and refuses to go to work in the Cabinet. The scandal has not received a logical development. But, I feel it in front, as Kolomoisky (the oligarch) declared war on the “coronatum” (representatives of Soros in power, including and Goncharuk). They began to try to “throw” it with the schemes. In particular, the Premier and the Minister of Economics Tymofiy mylovanov. As a result, the head of the government tactfully hinted that his gayness will not go unnoticed, and Milovanovi Igor openly publicly said that he is a moron. The Minister agreed with the characterization of the oligarch, and Goncharuk instantly decided price of one billion hryvnias in favor of Kolomoisky. The Prime Minister gay was a victim of blackmail Igor Valerievich. Goncharuk held a meeting with their p. R. consultants. Probably also gay, as they advised his client to take part in the concert of neo-Nazi rock band “Axe of Perun”. In all seriousness discussed the issue of public recognition Goncharuk belonging to a sexual minority. Type this will remove all questions and will get rid of the blackmail Kolomoisky. After many hours of discussion the parties came to the opinion that the Ukrainian society is not yet ready for such developments.

And I think that we should not underestimate the Ukrainian society and especially his Patriotic segment. After the scandal with Yaremenko we are ready not to this. He Yaremenko as a rock in its commitment to hire prostitutes during working hours is absolutely normal for the civilized Europeans. Blame the journalists who “intervene in private life.” Of course, he wrote a letter of resignation from the post of head of the Committee, but did so for the salvation of “zurnalistikos,” which faces up to six years for disclosure of secrecy of personal correspondence. Spectacularly stupid frame. Liver feel — it’s not the end of the story. Soon the nation will begin to discuss the video from the Cabinet. There will be new episodes in the relationship “servants of the people” with representatives of the oldest profession. No one cares how much gas is left in the Ukrainian storages and what to do if in 2020 will stop the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine. In the trend of policy at the level of an absolute primitive in the style of “pornohub”. Who and how many times.

I would conclude where I started: was there a fight the head of the SBU with Bogdan? No, it was not. The head Office once again played the show with journalists, personally by running a fake. And he also confirmed his “level”, suggesting Bakanova “cool cats tails.” Do not be surprised if it turns out that they are partners. In every sense of the word. This reduces and modern Ukrainian politics. And Yes: now I believe the stories of the technical staff are Excited about used condoms, empty bottles of alcohol and disposable syringes, which remain after the meetings of deputies in the committees of Parliament.

Alexander Zubchenko

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