One city or four cities?

Thus, the NBA is investigating the opportunity to make the playoffs… but in a single city : Las Vegas.

The idea is interesting. More realistic that the comments that Donald Trump had a conversation with the magnates of professional sport, stating to the world that he believes that people will be able to return in stages in September.

To return to the current context, not the context created by the president of the United States, of course, the NBA games would be played in front of bleachers… as vacant, with the holders of television rights as the only stakeholders, from players and managers, to be able to go to the amphitheatre.

Like hockey, like baseball, like the MLS, the NBA is in need of income. It should seek to mop up the max for the losses incurred by the stoppage of work. Therefore, this perspective has captured the attention of most owners.

For the moment, the NBA benefits, each season, tens of millions of dollars from the holders of television rights, does not, at least for now, to make a cross on the season 2019-2020.

And unlike hockey, it is a sport that one can practice without any concern in the summer. Besides, basketball is not a discipline of the olympic summer Games ?

More complex

The hockey, it is much more complex, but you can bet that the idea of the NBA must surely feed into discussions in the offices of the national hockey League. However, as I wrote, a few weeks ago, with 16 qualified teams, would it not, if it becomes absolutely essential to present the Stanley Cup, opt for a formula similar to the tournament of basketball of the NCAA ?

It was certainly studied, and we should certainly continue the conversations, the prospect of a competition based on the formula of ” March Madness “, that would be interesting. But, it would have to be limited to the first rounds in series 3 of 5.

How to determine the cities where to apply for the competition ?

As a priority, why not in the cities of the teams occupying the first row of each of the four divisions ? Currently, the designated cities would be Washington dc, Boston, St. Louis and Las Vegas. Not bad, isn’t it ?

Or, you might choose a city or two canadian cities, where hockey will retain the attention of the amateurs, compared to the United States, while the baseball will be without a doubt over the activities and that the NFL prepare for a new season.

But, the most important would be to focus the cities where there is the least positive cases of this terrible virus.

Another point to consider : if one of the four cities chosen for the first round, saw his team suffer the elimination, then transport the activities in the training that won the most points.

It would be important to avoid too much travel.

Owners worried

It lingers, as in the owners of the NHL than in the NBA, to find solutions because it is clear that, in each of the two leagues, there are concessions that will be hard to get out of this quagmire in which we sink all day.

And there is no other solution to mitigate the losses that the resumption of activities in a particular context. However, and this is where it gets complicated, the situation is more dramatic in the United States.

Twenty-four of the 31 concessions of the national League have a storefront at the neighbours to the south. Therefore, it is fine to consider several scenarios, but, as long as the Americans will not be able to slow down the progression of the virus, none of the scenarios do take place.

As we discussed different scenarios, that of P. K Subban, namely, that the 31 teams in the league should participate in the playoffs if ever you resume operations, wants to be the reflection of a skater who has not done anything during the season, missing squarely to his responsibilities.

Has he forgotten that the players of the 16 courses that have qualified for the tournament spring fought with determination throughout the season to achieve the goal set in the beginning of the season ?

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