One hundred years of solitude in the “age 14+”. Surkov about the future of the Russian Federation

The article “the Loneliness of blood” by Vladislav Surkov, was published April 9 in the journal “Russia in global politics”.

Сто років самотності в "епоху 14+".  Сурков про майбутнє РФ

The assistant of Vladimir Putin toured parts of Russia’s past, and also gave a forecast for its near and very distant future.

Along the way, Surkov coined the term “Age 14+”, which is quite likely, and is now Central to the description of the situation in Russia, which, as the author himself notes, divided into “before” and “after.

“Age 14+”

This term means the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and later, after the annexation of the events that eventually led to a serious distancing between Russia and the West.

Quote Surkov:

“The most important of those events is only now being revealed to us, and slow, deep news about them now only reaches our ears. This event – the end of an epic journey of Russia to the West, the termination of repeated and fruitless attempts to become a part of Western civilization, to marry into a good family “of European Nations.”

Surkov relates the reaction of Western countries to events in the Crimea, ending Russia’s “March to the West”.

“From the 14th year and then extends indefinitely the new time, the era of 14+ in which we have to be a hundred (two hundred? three hundred?) geopolitical solitude.”

Thus the thesis No. 1 – Russia for a long time is spent in the “geopolitical solitude.”

“Not to recoil in the other direction, to Asia, to the East?”

Quote Surkov:

“Today, I have suggestions, not to bash us in the other direction, to Asia, to the East.

Not necessary. And here’s why: because Russia was already there”.

Thus the thesis No. 2: Both roads are completed.

Quote Surkov:

“Russia four centuries went East and the next four centuries to the West. Neither there nor there not rooted. Both roads are completed. Will now popular ideology of the third way, the third type of civilization, the third world, the third Rome … “

Conclusions Surkov include the following three quotes:

About the future of Russia.

“Russia, no doubt, to trade, to attract investment, to share knowledge, to fight (the war is also a way of communication), to participate in colaborate, consist of organizations that compete and cooperate to cause fear and hatred, curiosity, sympathy, admiration. Only without decoys and denial”.

About the peculiarities of Russia.

“Still, it is unlikely we are the third civilization. Rather, the dual and ambivalent. Instead, both East and West. Both European and Asian simultaneously, not Asian and not European it is “.

“Russia is a Western-Eastern country-blood. With its double-headed state, the hybrid mentality, Intercontinental territory, bipolar history she, as expected nepscout, charismatic, talented, beautiful and lonely “.

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