One in three car shops is threatened with closure in France

    One in three car shops is threatened with closure in France

    The sector brings together nearly 400,000 employees, and it is just as endangered as the others in France. However, it remained open during the two lockdowns, and was considered “essential” by the state. This sector is that of automobile repair, which has seen its appointment bookings drop during confinement, to half less for many mechanics.

    Vroomly, the garage comparison specialist, announces that the damage could be significant: according to a study, 1 in 3 garages would be threatened with closure in the near future.

    But then, why? On average, the drop in activity was 25% for garages in 2020. A figure that must however be qualified. For its part, the CNPA (National Council of Automobile Professions) announces about 10% loss for mechanics and a little more than 20% for bodywork.

    Since they were able to remain open and were considered essential, most were not entitled to any assistance from the government, and the famous PG#Es (State Guaranteed Loans) were very little requested: the files were sometimes rejected. , and often, the mechanics preferred not to borrow to worsen the situation in the medium term.

    Unlike sectors such as large-scale distribution, which did not really suffer in 2020, mechanics had to deal with French people who drove less, or even little … and who thus used their vehicle less. Some motorists have also probably postponed certain costly maintenance operations in a context of crisis.

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