One of the “black box” SSJ-100 has been severely damaged

Один из «черных ящиков» SSJ 100 оказался сильно поврежден

All flight information from onboard and parametric flight recorders of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft of Aeroflot, which had burned at Sheremetyevo airport after an emergency landing, copied and ready to decipher, is spoken in the message of Interstate aviation Committee.

If the voice recorder is in good condition, the parametric “black box” seriously damaged.

We will remind, the SSJ-100 carried out flight from Moscow to Murmansk. Shortly after takeoff it was struck by lightning, which, according to the priority versions of the plane disconnected the automatics, and the captain decided to return to the airport.

During landing, the aircraft struck three times on the runway and at last set himself on fire. Killed 41 people, including one guide, nine hospitalized.