One of the police officers attacked in Aulnay had already fallen into a violent ambush in 2017

    One of the police officers attacked in Aulnay had already fallen into a violent ambush in 2017

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    Sébastien (first name has been changed), nearly 20 years of police on the clock, is absent this Wednesday afternoon on the bench of the civil parties. This police officer from the CSI93 (Security and Intervention Company) is one of the two officials assaulted this weekend in Aulnay-sous-Bois during a traffic check which degenerated. He suffers from two broken ribs. A trauma that rekindled the after-effects of another ambush he suffered in July 2017.

    Without this, he would have given his testimony to the court of appeal responsible for re-trying until Thursday evening, five defendants aged 21 to 26 years who had all been sentenced to 6 years in prison by the Bobigny correctional court (Sainte -Sainte-Denis) last October. They called “to proclaim [leur] innocence ”. Two were released at first instance.

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    On the night of July 14 to 15, 2017, he and five of his colleagues were taken to task by intervening on a trash can fire in front of the college of the pleiade in Sevran. “He is traumatized”, describes Me Laurent-Franck Liénard, his lawyer.

    “I had never known such violence. We have already been taken to task but this was exceptional ”, testifies A. Choqué, this official has since left the CSI93 and Seine-Saint-Denis. “I still think about it, especially when I see the images on social networks of colleagues attacked this weekend.” This ambush, this aggression, on the other hand, he never spoke to his relatives.

    A paving stone slits his helmet

    That evening they are called after a garbage can fire has been reported. Groups of hooded young people await them lurking in the shadows. Public lighting is off. They have supermarket carts full of stones and iron bars in their hands. The six policemen on motorcycles roll in a column when several dozen assailants fall on them. R. who leads the way is hit in the head by a paving stone which splits his helmet. They turn around to get out. A. who is in the penultimate position receives a block on the left side. “I couldn’t look in the rearview mirror to see if the other colleague was following”.

    50 m further on, the police meet. G. is missing. They hear detonations. The five agents leave to find their colleague. He is on the ground, a young man is jumping with both feet on the fairing of his motorcycle. The policeman is on all fours, bleeding. “The blank, haggard gaze,” according to AG, used his weapon to free himself. One of the projectiles hit a youth in the chest. The bullet passed a few inches from the heart. “He had no possibility of fleeing, if he had not fired, he would have died,” a neighborhood educator, witness to the scene, told investigators. He also explained that G. was kicked in the forehead and then badly beaten by 20 to 30 people.

    “I am marked for life”

    Today, this story has changed the way they work. K. one of the police officers present that night is still at CSI93. He notes: “We don’t enter the neighborhood in the same way. This type of event shows us that we are vulnerable ”.

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    G., who was the most injured, left CSI93 and suffered a trauma. “If tomorrow we ask him to return to the field, he will do everything to escape it,” says Me Liénard, his lawyer. “They are filmed constantly with hyperviolent people in front, continues his advice. When he started he knew it was a dangerous job. Now he says to himself that he can die on the public highway ”. At the bar, in front of the magistrates, he recognizes it: “I am marked for life”.

    Five shots fired in the middle of Paris on December 31

    A simple road check can now degenerate. “Every day, I am contacted by police officers who are victims”, notes Me Liénard.

    Just one example: on the evening of December 31, a patrol from the 12th arrondissement police station pursued a car traveling without a headlight in Paris. Stranded in a bus lane, the motorist failed to run over the officials while trying to get out. The three officers then fired five times before arresting the driver. He will be tried on February 1 for willful violence with a weapon by destination.

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