One reads of quebec to the Bookstore Vaugeois

On lit québécois à la Librairie Vaugeois

The book, quebec is in demand. A trend that has been in place for a few years. On the 100 best sellers of the Librairie Vaugeois since the beginning of the year, 65 are quebec books.

“We found eight or nine books quebec in the first 10. And the last Asterix, which is the second largest, is, in their struggle against the Romans, quebec in some way. And this attachment, we feel it still more since the reopening, ” quipped Marie-Hélène Vaugeois, owner of the Librairie Vaugeois in Quebec city.

The ladies of Havre-Aubert, Jean Lemieux, has been the best seller in July.

“And if I say that the author lives in Quebec city, it is one argument more,” she noted during a telephone interview.

When the library opened its doors in 1974, on avenue Maguire, in the area of Sillery, Laure Dion-Vaugeois, the owner, has as its mission to bring quebec literature in evidence.

During the closing of the businesses considered non-core, Marie-Hélène Vaugeois found herself all alone to cope with the avalanche of online orders. A combination of circumstances with employees who have found themselves with the priorities of education and child care facilities closed. A co-worker gave him a hand a few half-days per week.

“I have not had the time to make bread, or listen to the series burst on Netflix. I had the impression of being to the other side of the world “, she let it fall, laughing.

Marie-Hélène Vaugeois was taking orders from the site, by email and by phone and she was preparing the package. At 14 h, his sister was going to make the deliveries to the customers of Quebec and the surrounding area.

The line orders day-to-day represented nearly the equivalent of the total turnover of a normal day before the pandemic.

The output of bubble

Marie-Hélène Vaugeois has a lot of work, but she says she was well in her bubble in a library that had been reorganized in the warehouse.

“I was good, but I realized that, at the re-opening, my job, this was not to make parcels. I was happy to find the customers, my world, and to exchange with them. It was good “, she stated.

Marie-Hélène Vaugeois admits that she was too scorched to read. The concentration was not at the rendezvous. She has recently started We were the salt of the sea by Roxanne Bouchard.

Suggestions for Marie-Hélène

The great sun hide your daughters

  • Abla Farhoud
  • 2017

Phora. On my practice of psy

  • Nicolas Lévesque
  • 2019


  • Sophie Létourneau
  • 2020

The syndrome of the dictatorship

  • Alaa El-Aswany
  • 2020

Children coloring

  • Simon Boulerice and Paule Thibault
  • 2020

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