One World: Together At Home: 5 numbers to remember

One World: Together At Home: 5 chiffres à retenir

What should we remember of the event, One World : Together At Home presented Saturday evening ? Here are five figures that are quite revealing.

495 000 spectators

In French-speaking Quebec, One World : Together At Home has rallied 495 900 viewers, according to preliminary data from Numeris compiled by the agency’s Deep Blue Canada. This result includes the ratings of all the channels on which the show was aired, or VRAK, CTV, Much, TSN, CBS, ABC, MTV, and NBC. The show proved to be much more popular with English-speaking Canadians : 2 586 000 responded.

$180 million

Global Citizen says that the event raised $ 180 million to the Fund of solidarity against the COVID-19 of the WHO. These amounts will help to ” support and equip caregivers around the world, and to help local charities “.

5.3 million views

On YouTube, the performance of Céline Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Lady Gaga, John Legend and Lang Lang supersedes all other numbers presented during the show. In the early evening Monday, the video showing the quintet to resume The Prayer had 5.4 million views, far ahead You Can’t Always Get What You Want Rolling Stones (2.8 million) and Smile of Lady Gaga (2.3 million).


The concert has allowed some artists to make leaps of giants on iTunes, starting with Kacey Musgraves, who has risen to the 2nd rank of the titles most downloaded in Canada with Rainbow. For their part, Maluma (Carnival), Celine Dion (The Prayer) and Taylor Swift (Soon You’ll Get Better) have returned to the top 20.


The album One World : Together At Home, which brings together the songs heard during the event for a duration of eight hours (6 hours on Internet and 2 hours of tv show), is offered on several platforms to listen to, including Spotify. The 79 performance are found, even those that left a lot to be desired sound quality.

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