Only about one-third of the tickets of Formula E have been sold

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
The ex-mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, and the promoter of the Formula E Alejandro Agag during a press conference in Montreal on July 26

Only 15 000 of the 45 000 fans who attended the Formula racing electric held last July in Montreal have actually paid for their ticket.


Last November, the four days of municipal elections, the organizer of the event, Montreal is electric (MCE), had stated that 20 000 tickets had been given for the Formula E and that 25 000 tickets had been sold or given to sponsors and partners. MCE had not been able to be more accurate in its figures. However, the ex-mayor Denis Coderre was the hooker on the issue for weeks.


On Tuesday, the day after the cancellation of the event of Formula E, which was to be presented again in 2018 and 2019, the office of the mayor Valerie Plant has confirmed that the third of the audience present on the site have bought their tickets. This means that 10 000 tickets were distributed to sponsors and partners and that 20 000 tickets have been donated.


“Fiscal Fiasco “


The issue of the tickets sold for the Formula E has leaded the election campaign of Denis Coderre, who claimed not to be able to disclose such information. It was delivered to the promoter Evenko, which had then returned the ball to the MCE. The non-profit organization created by the administration Coderre was finally unveiled some of the data.


Valerie Plant announced on Monday that the races of Formula E would not be presented in Montreal due to the “fiscal fiasco” in which ERM was engaged. The debts of the NPO reach 13,55 million. The sponsorships have been insufficient, and MCE supports that the cabinet of the ex-mayor Coderre had promised grants of $ 11.5 million, which was ultimately limited, in fact, to 3.45 million.


The mayor Plant has acknowledged that the cancellation of the three-year contract could lead to lawsuits on the part of the Formula E Operations. “I’m going to leave Montreal, it is electric to negotiate directly with the promoters of Formula E,” she said Tuesday. “It’s important to respect that process and we will see what will happen in the next few weeks. The two entities that are legally responsible for, Montreal is electric and the direction of the Formula E. “

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