Ontario will re-open its bars before Quebec

L'Ontario rouvrira ses bars avant le Québec

The people of Quebec could well be tempted at the end of the week to go to make a jump in Ontario, while restaurants and bars will be allowed to resume their activities, although the outside only.

The re-opening of these shops is part of phase 2 of the déconfinement announced Monday by the government of ontario, whereas in Quebec, the restaurants (outside of the region of Montreal and Joliette), will be able to reopen their rooms a few days later, according to certain rules, but not the bars, the re-opening will take place at a later date. Only the bars serving food will be able to reopen at the same restaurants.

In Ontario, except in a dozen regions, including Toronto, not yet deemed ready to benefit from a relaxation of the rules designed to counter the spread of the COVID-19, restaurants, bars and other food establishments may offer their services on site in the open air, “including terrace and on the sidewalk, the parking areas and the adjacent lands,” stressed the government Ford.

They would, like other Ontario companies permitted to resume their activities, put in place measures of health and safety is adequate, ask the authorities, which allow the blow to temporarily zoom into their outdoor terraces to ensure social distancing. No fees will be required for this approach, said the Commission, the alcohol and gaming commission of Ontario (AGCO), by issuing a press release.

“During this difficult time, we are constantly seeking ways to be accommodating with the hospitality sector, so that, when the time comes, he can resume his activities with the certainty of being able to ensure the safety of clients and staff. We hope that the expansion of the outdoor terraces will help our institutions licence holders to get back on their feet more quickly,” said the CEO of the AGCO), Jean Major.

The tattoo parlours, hairdressing salons, beauty salons, malls, tourist services, facilities for water games outdoor, beaches, camping, outdoor sports, theatres, spaces, outdoor concert, film and television productions, weddings and funerals (with a limit of 10 participants) are also part of the businesses and activities allowed in the framework of phase 2 of the déconfinement ontario.

The province has relaxed at the same time, as of Friday, the restrictions on social gatherings, increasing the limit from five to 10 people.

Queen’s Park, however, has adopted as Quebec, a regional approach, that is to say that some of the regions most affected by the pandemic COVID-9, such as that of Toronto, all situated in the south of the province, will remain in phase 1 of déconfinement until further order. The situation will be assessed week by week, the government said on.

They may, however, have, as other, as soon as Friday, the relaxation of the rules regarding social gatherings.

All the places of worship in Ontario will be able to also reopen their doors, “through a gap to health and attendance is limited to 30 % of the capacity of the building, to ensure the safety of the faithful”, the government has said Ford on Monday.

A phase 3, providing for even more easing while maintaining security measures, health, is planned, but will be announced later based on the lessons learned from phases 1 and 2, indicated the ontario government.

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