Oolong tea and its beneficial properties

The benefits of this tea thanks to the unique composition, which includes not only variety of vitamin complexes, but also contains essential oil and other useful components.

Чай улун і його корисні властивості

The “Chinese” tea is Wulong or Oolong – semi-fermented tea, preserving the fresh flavor of green tea, but giving a distinct taste, typical for most red tea, it occupies an intermediate position between green tea by the degree fermentation. Oolong tea is unique because of its inherent properties unique to the teas. Let’s deal with the properties of Oolong tea and the technology of its production, informs Rus.Media.

The properties of Oolong tea

This tea is not just a special taste and aroma, but also the ability to change them from welding to welding. Green tea Oolong tea depending on the variety, can be brewed up to 7 to 15 times, and each time You will enjoy the new taste and aroma of Oolong tea. Real Oolong tea has such characteristics and properties that do not allow to mix it with other teas, due to these properties, this tea only positive feedback. In Oolong tea leaves tightly curled, it has a characteristic spicy flavor. Brewed Oolong tea is obtained with a specific, spicy and slightly sweet, floral and honey flavor and aroma. The color of tea can vary from light green to light brown and orange-red, depending on variety. Oolong is usually made from Mature leaves collected from adult plants.

Collection and production of Oolong

The collected leaves are dried in the sun for half an hour-hours. Then the dried leaves is placed a thick layer in baskets and placed in shade for fermentation. The key point in the preparation is that during fermentation the leaves every hour gently mix and knead, while trying not to break. Such processing leads to the fact that fermented leaves uneven edges of the leaves more than the middle. After reaching the desired degree of fermentation, it is interrupted by heating the leaves dried at a temperature of 250-300 ° C. Typically drying is carried out in two stages – first the leaves are briefly dried for a few minutes, then carry out the twisting, and then the tea be dried to reduce its moisture content and eventually stop fermentation. The resulting tea is packaged and sent for sale. The characteristic features of processing technology of Oolong give to fairly easily determine the authenticity of the tea – the real Oolong always zelenolistnoe, it should not be broken leaves, crumbs, dust, and its leaves are unfolding in the process of brewing, have a distinctive look – the edges dark, like black tea leaf and the leaf veins and some leaf in the middle of the green and to preserve its structure and strength.

The benefits of Oolong tea

Favorable environmental conditions (Oolong tea grows in such well-known provinces of China like Fujian, Guangdong, Taiwan), mastery of age-old traditional tea cultivation, as well as complicated special technology of processing makes this tea excellent quality is extremely useful. The benefits of Oolong tea is huge, it is difficult to overestimate! The rich content of vitamins in Oolong tea promotes fibrous tissue walls of blood vessels, prevents thrombosis. With regular use of Oolong tea of fat people reduced weight, improved figure (compounds of polyphenol, breaks down and removes fat from the human body, besides the efficiency of the splitting and removal of fat from Oolong tea better than any other tea). So Oolong tea is an exceptional natural remedy for weight loss. Oolong tea has different properties: quenches thirst, strengthens teeth, gives energy to human body, uplifting. Try it once, you will never forget its amazing taste!

Varieties of Oolong tea

The world’s most famous varieties are the classic Ones Going, which is called the benchmark of this kind, a masterpiece of Chinese manufacturers. This variety is great for weight loss, reviews on this Oolong. This Oolong for connoisseurs of good tea. Not inferior to him and a great Milk Oolong with a mild sweet milk flavor and a long finish. Fans of the classic exquisite shades like the legendary Da Hong PAO with a honey finish, and the Valley Mists with a mild flavor and pleasant floral notes. Ginseng Oolong lovers tonic teas, it contains natural ginseng, which gives it a dark color and a slightly spicy floral taste. Those Going van – classic Oolong tea with a rich and ever changing aroma, clean taste and a long honeyed finish. Fans of fruit flavors will appeal to fruit Oolong tea: Oolong tea honeydew Melon and Orange Oolong.